Active Music Listening 

How to actively listen to music! 

You'll be guided through an active music listening experience in the dark @ The Blind Cafe Experience. But for now you can learn/practice on your own to gain more awareness and get ready for the music in the dark experience at your next Blind Cafe.


Step One: Good Headphones & Good Music

Get yourself a pair of good head phones (or just use earbuds if you must). Choose a song from music that moves you emotionally and cue the song in your music player. 

Step Two: Find A Quiet Spot 

Find your self a quiet spot for 30 minutes, where you can lay on the floor on your back or on a yoga mat. ( If you can't find quiet spot or just feeling antsy, you can do this walking.) Turn off your cell phones internet, alarms etc. 100% and lay down with finger on the play play button! 

Step Three: Listen to Silence & Then Music

Ready yourself to 'press play' but don't just yet! Wait 5-10 seconds...and take several deep breathes, (allowing yourself to listen to the space and silence...) now press play! Your going to listen to the same song (3) times. Just listen to the song and notice what happens when you listen to music, paying attention to how the music makes you feel. 

Step Four: Listen Again & Notice Depth

Listen to the song for a second time now and start to notice what you weren't paying attention to during the first listen. What instrumentation, melodies or lyrics did you notice this time through? Now listen a third time and discover how much more you notice, feel or evening parts you don't feel moved by.