How to Build An Awesome Marketing Volunteer Team

Post a CL Ad specifically for Marketing Volunteers. We want a TEAM of marketing volunteers and interns to work with us to sell out the event. If they are ROCK SOLID and put in a certain amount of hours towards marketing / supporting you with marketing tasks, we can usually offer them a seat at the volunteer table. We want to engage them for 6 - 4 week process, ideally work side by side with them a couple times a week 5 - 10 hours ( with great music and dark chocolate? ) to make sure it's most productive, fun and they feel connected!

  1. Go to: and sign into the account: Login: PW: masterofdarkness
  2. Find the Marketing Volunteer Ad in your city & Re-post it or use template below.  Edit Ad for this events info and your contact
  3. Design a google form and have them fill out a volunteer application. Example:
  4. Set up a schedule / time to meet with them each week for about 5 - 10 hours a week at a coffee shop with good internet connection and/or at your office and create an awesome productive fun experience. Remember 'Hire Slow, Fire Fast' If someone is not working, just let them go' They help, not hinder and show up for volunteer time. Be clear about expectations from the start. :) <3


'Marketing Assistant Volunteer Template For Posting'

Assistant Marketing Volunteer Needed ( in the dark)  The Blind Cafe

Assistant Marketing Director Volunteer Needed ~ The Blind Cafe

The Seattle Blind Cafe is an amazing, EPIC and Inspiring event, a concert, sensory tasting and discussion...all held in the complete pitch dark! All the wait staff are blind and we benefit the Blind! 

Check us out:

Get some awesome experience under your belt and on your resume!

We need Assistant Marketing Volunteers to
-social media marketing
-poster design
-writing copy ad & sending out press releases
-posting our event on online calendars
-reaching out to organizations and communities to expand our audience
-reaching to corporations to invite key HR persons to come to our event

Time Frame:
6 - 8 weeks up to the event (Aug - Sept.)

You must be:
-solid and reliable
-detail oriented
-able to rock
-positive and like to smile!

-You will get to be part of an amazing event & gain business and marketing experience
-meet inspiring people & contribute to your community in a very unique and cool way
-learn about blindness and meet some amazing blind persons
-experience the event in the dark with us at The Blind Cafe event!

If interested please check out our website and then reply to this ad.

thanks Marketing Director

Gianna, etc etc.