How to work people who just purchased tickets.

Each time someone purchases a ticket to a Blind Cafe event, Brown Paper Tickets sends us a notice telling us about their purchase showing what price they paid along with contact info. When this happens, we copy and paste this copy ad below and send it to their e-mail to get them engaged before the event. The COPY AD is designed to cover what ever city they happen to buy tickets too.

( Subject )

Welcome to The Blind Cafe!

( Body of E-mail )

Welcome to The Blind Cafe, we're very excited to have you in the dark with us!

Here are a 3 things to try before you join us in the dark that will help you have an even more amazing time in the dark. 

1) Host a Blind Folded Dining experience with your friends!

  • Set up a time this week to meet w/ a group of friends and invite them to participate in a 'blind folded' dinner experience at your house or to meet at a restaurant. ( have everyone bring their own blindfolds )
  • Best to blindfold everyone just as they enter your home or right when you enter the restaurant. ( Just tell the waitstaff person you are doing an experiment )
  • Have everyone sit down to the table blindfolded and commit to keeping them on for a full 50 minutes or longer. (Order the food blind if at the restaurant, ask the waitstaff to explain or read the menu to you all. Use a timer if needed )
  • After the blindfolds are off, discuss your experience with your friends, find out their experience. Questions to contemplate: Can you imagine what it will be like to be in total darkness without blind folds and have no control to take them off? What was it like to eat without sight? How did you communicate different with your friends without eye contact? Did you feel more connected or disconnected?

2) Learn about the Blind Cafe's impact! ~ Watch this short video about The Blind Cafe:
Here is a short documentary of The Blind Cafe showing people's experience, the music 'behind the darkness' and behind the scenes of our amazing Blind Staff! ~ Watch here:

3) Practice Active Listening To Music
Download these three songs, ( you will hear them in the dark ) and practice listening without distraction! :) 

What is Active Music Listening? Quite simply this phrase means listening to music with focus and intensity, without diverting attention to any other activity. Learn more hear:


Rosh & The Blind Cafe Staff