Send out Press Releases & Get Articles Written About The Blind Cafe

  1. Using your cities Blind Cafe Google account, create or update Media Outlet list. Newspapers, Online Magazines etc.  Remember to add to this list as new media outlets show up.
  2. Re-write a Blind Cafe Press Release updating all the details and send to event coordinator to give a second look. Use press release here
  3. Send out to Press Release to media outlets one month before the event. Follow up one week later to check in. Make sure to follow up and build relationships.
  4. Offer 'press' tickets to interested magazine, newspapers pushing to get them to write a 'BEFORE the event and AFTER the event' set of two pieces. Articles are more useful to us when they are written before an event.

Contact Radio Stations and Book Live Interviews and Music Performances

  1. Using your cities Blind Cafe Google account, create or update Radio Station Contact List and Research local and relevant radio stations.
  2.  Contact them to get Rosh and/or Keynote speakers on the radio for an interview AND a music performance. Inquire if they have any special music shows where they have bands / artists come in and book Rosh for those as well as play a few songs on the radio shows when doing shorter promotional interviews.

Submit Blind Cafe Details To Online Calendars

  1. Using your cities Blind Cafe Google account, create or update / review Online Calendar List.
  2. Submit to ALL online calendars and update in notes section of any changes or new listings. Refer to website for event details.

Contact Blogs and Get Them Engaged

  1. Research TOP 10 blogs in the area that have the most readers. 
  2. If they have a LOT of readers, ask for them to do a ticket give away to their readers &/or for the blog to write a 'before & after' set of reviews of our event in exchange for a pair of tickets to our event. We want them to 'write something before' to engage and excite their readers and then to do a 'after review'. Only do a ticket give away on their blog site if they have a TON of readers.