Costs / Time we put in:

  • MOD - Ken ( $350.00 )
  • Darkness Materials ( $175.00 )
  • Travel ( flights, car rental, accommodations )  ($1000.00 )
  • Blind Staff ( x3 staff = $150 each x 3 = $450 )
  • Event Space Planning ( finding appropriate space for event ) $150.00
  • Musicians x 2 musicians ( $200 / $125 = $500 )
  • Musicians Gear $190 rental gear = $190.00
  • Special Event Insurance $190.00
  • Event Planner ( $500 )
  • Rosh / Business $3000

Total Costs: $3505.00 x 30% buffer = $4556.50 + $3000 Rosh fee = $7556.50


Company Handles:

  • Catering
  • Venue Rental / Space
  • Insurance





Value Proposition Letter 1#

Kadie Hueffner
Rotation Intern
Portland, OR

Dear Kadie,

Thank you for considering The Blind Cafe - Team Building, Dinner In The Dark event for your companies executive dinner party. The Blind Cafe has taken over 10,000 people through the dark since 2010 and we are excited to share this life-changing event with you.

Event Description:

Our private corporate Blind Cafe events typically are held at an off-site location such as a conference room or an alternative rental space, specifically chosen for it’s ability to be blackened out and accommodate the number of guests desired. The event usually lasts around 3 - 4 hours.

First, there is a reception in the lighted lobby area where the guests enjoy wine and endeavors before they enter the darkness. Then the guests are lead into the pitch dark by our professionally trained legally blind staff, where the food has already been served family style 6 - 8 person tables. The guests enjoy navigating and working together to literally break bread together. Our blind staff then facilitates a group experience in the dark challenging the guests to listen and participate in a group discussion, followed by a music performance.

After about 1 1/2 - 2 hours of being in the complete pitch dark, we light candles for the guests to ‘see’ again and experience coming back to the light. Next we facilitate a debrief, in the candle lit dining room or lobby area, where the guests share their experiences with one another and as a group.

Our Blind Cafe event can be tailored specifically for companies needs and desires. The sky is the limit with what we can explore in the dark so welcome your creative ideas and support you in creating one of the most memorable company events ever.

The Blind Cafe serves include:

  • Planning and coordinating with your companies event planner to assure a great event, prepping.
  • Preparation, set up and break down of darkness setup.
  • Providing an event coordinator the day of the event to coordinator the seating in the dark process
  • 2 - 6 professionally trained Keynote Blind Guides for guide your companies guests into the dark and provide a powerful keynote discussion in the dark along with food service.
  • Live music if desired for the music component of the event

Our clients event planners typically handle all areas of event planning not related to the darkness. These includes:

  • Rental of event space
  • Catering for event.
  • Invitations for client guests
  • Any other needs not related to the darkness experience.

Since our Blind Cafe events are a one of a kind experience, it’s important we get some preliminary questions answered about what your company desires so we can best serve you and send you a proposal.

How many guests would you like to attend this event?

What is your maximum budget not including catering and event space?

What is your vision for your private Blind Cafe event? ( Remember the sky is the limit! )

What dates / time frame are you looking to hold this event?

We look forward to working with you.

You can learn more about our events at:


Rosh ( Brian Rocheleau )
Executive Director
The Blind Cafe LLC
765 13th St.
Boulder, CO 80302