How to create a People Power Plan & Market To Key Our Networks

  1. Make a list of every key persons and/or organizations that is invested in this Blind Cafe event in anyway. ( Remember to store this list in gmail account for future reference )
  2. Create a 'Support Package' include the Electronic Flyer + Blurb, identify the most simple, effect and likely actionable actions they can take to help spread the word about our event to their personal networks.  * If they were to only take 1 action, what would that be to get the most exposure via their network?
  3. Contact each key person / org. and get them to take action on spreading the word about our event.

Typical Networks:

  • Sponsors ( each sponsor has a networks of lots of people )
  • Blind Organizations
  • Blind Staff
  • Volunteers ( huge network, make this part of their job, to take action on marketing the event, every volunteer is 'required' )
  • Media or Marketing Partnerships
  • Venue ( make sure to arm the venue to best utilize their network )
  • Musicians
  • Master of Darkness
  • Event Coordinator
  • Marketing Director ( YOU! )
  • Executive Director ( Rosh )