Design Marketing Materials for people to help spread the word about our event!

How to launch Posters:

  • Create Poster in pages document w/ current known sponsors on the bottom. Make two versions, a 8 x 11 ( this size is made so if anyone who wants to print their own can do at home since most people don't have the means to print larger size posters ) and a 11 x 17
  • Send 11 x 17 to Printers and arrange for event coordinator and/or postering company to pick up for distribution.
  • Send PDF versions to venue to print.
  • Have event coordinator drop of Posters at venue and other relevant places

How to launch Club - Flyers:

  • Create Club Flyer in pages document w/ current known sponsors on the bottom. Make sure it's post card size and works for specs at
  • Upload files to and order them, have them sent to the event coordinators address.
  • Have the event coordinator drop off flyers at venue, give to volunteers, local blind staff, blind organizations, coffee shops and any other relevant locations or key volunteer helpers. 

Create Electronic Flyer + Blurb

  • Design an e-mail that can be sent out easily with the front of the Club Flyer PDF.
  • Go to the website and pull the descripotion of the blind cafe and craft a simple and friendly e-mail with the Flyer pic visible in the e-mail for people to sent out to friends to share about the event.