Welcome to the Event Planner / Management position.

You will be the one to make sure all the nuts and bolts come together and make for a great show! :) We've created all the instructions below along with photo's and videos to help you. You will be running the show, so its important that you learn in's and out's of everything that happens in a blind cafe. Volunteers, Chef's, the Master of Darkness and the Blind Staff will be looking to you to orchestrate an amazing event! :)

Download a PDF of the Event Management Operations Manual Here.


Time line

  1. Volunteer Coordination:  6 - 4 weeks leading up to the show
  2. Securing Sponsors
  3. Venue Management
  4. Chef / Food / Shopping Systems Management -Event Plan with Chef and Venue for details of the show ( Staffing, Menu, Ingredients List, Venue Access)
  5. M.O.D. / Darkness Coordination
  6. Event Materials / Inventory
  7. Marketing Distribution to Staff Networks
  8. Day of the event Management
  9. Inventory of Event Materials and Making Orders
  10. Designing & Printing ALL printed materials ( Program, Auction Sheet, Guest List, Wall Numbers )


Areas of Management:

Volunteer Coordination

Securing Sponsorship

-Source Food Donations, Sponsors and Coordinate Pick Up  / Shopping with Chef

Venue Management

Chef / Menu / Shopping Management

- Menu planning, shopping systems and venue materials / equipment coordination

M.O.D. / Darkness Coordination

- Coordinating times and needed gear of venue with MOD

Event Materials List and Inventory Systems

- Inventory of Event Materials and Making Orders

Marketing Director Coordination

- Distribution of Marketing Materials to Key Networks ( Chef, Venue, Volunteers, Blind Staff / Org )

Day of Event Management

-Running the event the days of The Event: Room Temperature, Team Work, Volunteer Coordination, Set Up / Break Down, Dining Room Set Up, Plating System, Box Office / Seating Process, Auction System, Sales Table, Wine Bar, Keys / Access to Venue, Production Schedule / Time-line, Event Materials / Inventory / Shopping, Last Minute Needs System, Cash Handling, Program & Printing

Production Schedule

Set Up Instructions

Event Planners Timeline



Phase One: Event Preparations ( Before the Event ) 

Review Event Manual w/ Executive Director 

Prepare Event Materials 
Inventory Materials For Event ( PDF materials list - square etc. )
Order Needed Materials
Design Programs and Print Outs ( #'s, auction list, seating chart, guest list ) 
Drop Off Flyers to Venue, blind staff, volunteers etc. 
Volunteer Coordination / Program
Roles, Responsibilities & Volunteer Needs  
Sourcing & Scheduling Volunteers ( gmail account copy ad, google form )
Volunteer Program Vibe ( creating great experience for volunteers ) 
Set up volunteers to help with marketing 
Team Coordination 
Venue Evaluation - Check out venue / meet with owners, decide staffing needs, access times, keys to venue etc ) 
Chef Setup - meet with Chef to go over menu, systems, equipment / venue needs, staffing etc. 
Meet with Marketing Director ( marketing tasks ) 
Blind Staff Check in ( make sure blind crew is cued in )
Master of Darkness ( shopping, set up times to enter venue )
Partner Organizations ( example: enactuc, college labor )
Source & Set Up Auction System + Volunteer 
Source Auction Items: restaurant gift certificates, free month yoga, night at hotels, anything that would be cool for people to win, we could do tickets to our next blind cafe event. 
Design and Print Auction Printout ( $ price point, square setup )
Source Sponsors 
Event Materials