So You Want To Host A House Concert

Rosh & the Blind Cafe Orchestra House Concert, Boulder, CO 

Rosh & the Blind Cafe Orchestra House Concert, Boulder, CO 


How to host a house concert with Rosh & the Blind Cafe Orchestra and other Blind Cafe Artists.

Hello! Here are the nitty-gritty requirements for an “ideal house show” with Rosh & the Blind Cafe Orchestra and other Blind Cafe Artists. If you are interested in doing this or have any questions, please e-mail Rosh at or leave a comment below – we'd love to have a public FAQ on this topic – what are you wondering?

Think about a house concert as a potluck with entertainment. Is your house big enough to host a potluck or movie night for 10, 15, 25, or 30 friends? You may be surprised how many people fit in a small living room, artist’s loft, or back yard. Chances are: you can host a house show. We love house shows, and find them to often be much more fun, personal and well-attended than coffeehouse shows. 

Requirements:: For house shows to be a sustainable and worthwhile endeavor, we ideally need around 10-30 attendees (In the best case scenario, the host is willing to take an active role in suggesting a $10 donation or $15 CD purchase for attendees during the invitation process). 

We usually ask the guests to bring their favorite bar of dark chocolate and / or bottle of red wine to share for a meet and greet before the show with the Artist's and Blind Cafe Team.

Getting Guests: Some guests will attend the house concert from The Blind Cafe shows happening while we are in town. We’ve found that most house concert attendees are friends of the host, even though we do open the show to the public with an “RSVP for the address” post on our website.  To invite your friends, you can use individual e-mails, a private or public Facebook event, or “Evite” – or whatever organization system you are most comfortable with. We can provide you with a template invite e-mail to send out to friends and your community. 

Schedule: The evening typically looks like this: 7pm: guests start arriving and hanging out to share dark chocolate and / or red wine. 8pm Music starts. Then, depending on the mood/if there is a potcluck either 8-9:30pm music or 8-10pm music with a break.

Logistics: We can play in a living room, alternative space or anything in between. We generally don't do concerts outside, as we usually perform without amplification and outside sounds can be very distracting. Best to host the event in an enclosed and cozy space for a warm and heart-opening experience. Set up involves chairs for the musicians set up as a stage, candles through the room, cushions and chairs collected from the house. You can ask people to bring folding chairs, or sit on a floor with cushions and chairs gathered from your house ( usually the case ). Our music will range from Rosh and / or Richie with their guitars only, to a full quartet accompanying the musicians. The host can choose whether to provide snacks and drinks, and/or to ask guests to bring a dish for a potluck. It’s up to your preferences and your friends’ tastes!

Thanks for reading! E-mail us with any questions!

Frequently Asked Questions about house concerts:

(email to add questions to this):

What if I have pets? Are you allergic to cats? My dog will just hang out, that’s cool, right? We love kitties and if you have a dog, even a tiny one, you should make a plan to send it to a friend’s for the evening or keep it in a different room during the show. Even the best-behaved dogs are generally not so very good audience members and can be really distracting to us and the audience.

What should my e-mail invitations say? We’ve written a couple sample e-mails to help you phrase yours to your friends & the public. Check those out and modify as desired.

What do you like to eat? Dark Chocolate