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The Blind Cafe Music In The Dark Experience is something that gives music freaks a completely new way to enjoy and appreciate live music, kind of the same way that MTVs Unplugged did back in the day… but Concerts in the Dark, makes Unplugged seem like child’s play.
— Brian Johnson, The Marquee Live Music Magazine

The Blind Cafe Music In The Dark Experience

The Blind Cafe Music In The Dark Experience is an unparalleled live music listening experience held in 100% darkness. No Blindfolds! Collaborating with performing arts centers, symphony orchestra's & performance based venues, The Blind Cafe creates and performs concert in 100% pure darkness, bringing music fans a deeper experience of listening to live music. The Blind Cafe's Performing Artists, Rosh & the Blind Cafe Orchestra and Richie Flores & The Constellation Prize have mastered playing music with no sight, guiding listeners through an in depth live music experience, where the audience is engaged to participate in an 'active listening & music appreciation' experience in 100% pure darkness, without the distraction of their visual conditioning, social etiquette and cell phones.

Rosh & the Blind Cafe Orchestra performing in 100% darkness filmed on inferred camera.

I actually cried during your song ‘Transcend’ which is not something I would not have let myself do, if I knew that people could see me. But knowing that I was invisible, it was much easier to let my emotions flow and that felt SO healthy! It was also nice to end on a higher emotional note with everyone singing and standing together. Our table was all holding hands and swaying too! I walked out of there with such a happy full heart!
— Katie Maginnis, Seattle

 Interview with Blind Cafe Orchestra String Players

Watch this interview with The Blind Cafe Orchestra musicians  about performing in complete darkness. The Blind Cafe Orchestra is playing a Radiohead cover 'Jigsaw Falling In The Place. 

Starting 2:16 on The Blind Cafe Documentary from 2010.



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