Meet Our Blind Cafe Performing Artists:

Rosh & the Blind Cafe Orchestra

The Blind Cafe Music In The Dark Experiences are 

Rosh & the Blind Cafe Orchestra is led by performing songwriter & founder of The Blind Cafe Experience, Rosh. Rosh was Inspired to create a music and social experience in 100% darkness after visiting a cafe in the dark in Reykjavik, Iceland. 'The Blind Cafe Orchestra' is a rotating line up of local & touring guest artists and musicians who accompany Rosh's music performances in the dark, most often featuring a core line up of female harmonies, piano and a string quartet, featuring arrangements by Denver based cellist/composer Phil Norman.



Try Actively Listening to Music Right Now! 


How to actively listen to music! 

*Find quiet spot with good head phones 

or Use earbuds 

if your feeling can walk and do this. 


1. Turn off your cell phone 100% and any lights on in the room, even LED lights. 

2. Cue the song in your iphone / player and lye down on your floor ( floor is best ) on carpet or yoga mat. 

3. Get your finger ready to press play, but wait five seconds and allow listening to silence, then take a deep breath and press play. 

4. Listen ideally (3) times to go deeper each time, 1st just listen, feel and pay attention. 2nd now listen further...what instruments were you not hearing before. 3rd time...go even deeper and if you were'nt paying attention to the words the last two, go ahead and pay attention to each word. How does it feel in your body! 

*If you don't like this song, try another one ( suggested here: afadf, adfadfa, adffd ) or Choose some other artist. 

Music...’meets us’ in places we simply just can’t touch with our words, vision or thinking. I’ve written these first to survive the intense joy & suffering of experiencing this life and then, to share with you. May these songs be a companion for you, a good friend who’s  through whatever curveball life’s throwing at you.