Welcome To The Blind Cafe Experience!

We're so excited to have you as our guest in 100% darkness, No Blindfolds!

To ensure we're delivering a powerful and safe experience in 100% darkness, we require ALL attendees to sign a liability waiver before participating in our events!

Once you have purchased your tickets...

Please Sign A Liability Waiver Before You Attend A Blind Cafe Experience

P.S. Our experiences are held entirely in '100% pure, premium, certified organic BlindCafe Darkness and are facilitated by professionally trained legally blind, Blind Cafe ambassadors. 

We NEVER use supplemented 'darkness additives' such as blindfolds or night-vision goggles.  

~ Text or Call us at 720-495-7797 or email admin@theblindcafe.com with any questions if you have trouble.

~ The Blind Cafe Experience Team! :)