Show Schedule:

September Shows Have Been Rescheduled

Dates Coming Soon For Napa Valley Winter-Spring 2017

Saturday night shows starts at 8:30PM

*Please note the Thursday & Friday night shows at 7PM as well as the Saturday night 5:30PM show advertise elsewhere on our website  is NOT a members only show. 



Your Ticket Price Includes:

A Three-Course Sensory Tasting Dinner prepared by a local Chef ( Menu to be announced )
A wine & food pairing with Merryvale Vineyards wines ( Wines to be announced )
A heart-warming unique Question and Answer discussion in the dark with legally blind Keynote Blind Speakers & Waiters
A Set of Live Music performed by Blind Cafe Performing Artists: Rosh & The Blind Cafe Orchestra + Richie Flores
2 Hours in total complete pitch darknesswith your friends & community!
An Experience you will never forget or SEE!
A contribution to furthering the Blind Cafe's social impact in the world. 

 *Dietary Issues? Contact Us



Choose Your Contribution $195 - $500

All tickets prices get you the same experience, except you can support The Blind Cafe's social impact in the world by choosing a higher ticket price. The Blind Cafe is dedicated to bringing the magic of our event to all types of communities. We have a very cool sliding scale pricing system that allows you to contribute more to help us make the magic in the dark. So please contribute at the price you feel inspired between $195 - $500. 

By paying more than the suggested cost per person of $195, you are actually helping The Blind Cafe continue this wonderful work. You help us bring the event to more communities, to hire more blind persons nationwide and provide an experience where while in the dark, it does not matter if you black, white, tall, short, blind or in a wheel chair. In the dark, we are judged solely on personalities rather than what clothes we adore or whether we have a cane. So it’s a cool experience and cool pricing system. Thanks for being part of this epic journey in the dark!

~ Executive Director, Rosh




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Have questions? Want to get involved deeper with The Blind Cafe Experience and / or the growth of our organization? 

Call me personally and let's talk! Phone ( Rosh ): 720 - 495 - 7797 |    Or Write us a message below! 

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