1. Order Materials needed for the event:

    1. CD’s, T-shirts and other merchandise

    2. Coordinate with the operations manager to support in ordering needed materials from inventory list

Position Agreement - Master of Darkness

Position: Master of Darkness

For who: Ken Elliot

Date: 09/28/15

Description of position:

The Master of Darkness ( M.O.D. ) role, is an integral part of The Blind Cafe and also, the most important element for transformation to happen at  our events. Your position is to create and hold a safe container for ‘the magic’ to happen at our programs. Without the darkness, we are just a regular old event. With the darkness we create a whole new set of possibilities for people to connect on multiple levels.

Below is a clear detailed check list for you to follow and complete your part of the event along with the results we are ultimately after and the standards at which you are agreeing to complete your work. We ask that you check off everyone checkbox on the checklist worksheet as you go, and when you are done, sign it. If you sign this document without completing the work or up to standards, it’s grounds for dismissal from your position. If you find you are having difficulty completing something on time, or up to our agreed upon standards, it is your responsibility to ask for help from your manager.

Blind Cafe Guiding Principles For Work Agreements:

Business is An Agreement, The first principle to understand is that business is fundamentally an agreement. We are making an agreement. The business is made up of positions run by people. These positions have functions, and those functions produce results. Those results serve to keep the business’ agreement we have with our customers.

Competence Before Connection, Competence is the ability to keep these business agreements. Because business is about agreements, competence is its primary guiding principle. Business is about relationships, too, but relationships don’t have the same level of importance as competence. It’s imperative that you have the competence follow through with your part of the business.

100% Responsibility, When you make this agreement you are 100% responsible for following through on completing the work you’ve been asked to do at the standards of which we’ve agreed upon. To not do so, is grounds for termination. If you find that you can not complete a work tasks due to uncontrollable circumstances or an emergency, it is your responsibility to tell your manager and work out an alternative solution to meeting the results and standards of the task at hand.

Blind Cafe Leadership Responsibility, It is the Blind Cafe’s Leadership Roles responsibility to provide the appropriate tools, resources and environment, as well as reasonable work load, so you may thrive and complete your work agreements at the standards requested. If, the Blind Cafe Leadership does not provide this, it is the leadership's role to adjust and create a supportive work environment for your success in your position.

Results Statement:

To create a safe, beautiful 100% pitch dark container for transformation to take place at our Blind Cafe programs while supporting the Blind Cafe team in keeping our company promise, which is, to deliver an inspiring and impactful positive social change experience in complete darkness.

Standards Statement: These are the standards at which The Blind Cafe Requires to ensure the delivery of our company promise to our customers.

The Darkness, must be 100% dark two hours before the guests arrive. Having the darkness 100% dark at this time provides a two hour window for the food to be plated without the darkness creation and food serving colliding, thus interrupting the team experience. Due to the changing of venues, some venue spaces are easier to make dark than others. It’s your responsibility to ask for help several days before the event, or in case of unexpected challenges the day of, at the least 6 hours before guests arrive, in order for the leadership to provide the help needed to complete this task on time, two hours before guests arrive. Maintain 100% darkness through the duration of the show.

Business Development Process, it’s imperative that we measure, document and improve our systems as an organization. It is an integral part of your work position to time with a stopwatch on your iPhone or other device, the duration of the darkness creation, so can have measurements to manage and improve this process for future events and darkness roles. You must be thinking of your position as you will be teaching and training others to do the position.

Inventory Documentation, it’s imperative that we take inventory of all our materials at the end of each event, so we may know how much to purchase for the next event. This supports the business in becoming financially sustainable and continuing to make an impact for many years to come.  

i.e. Example: Boulder Blind Cafe
M.O.D. Name *
M.O.D. Name
Phase One: Complete Darkness
Phase Two: Support Blind Cafe Team / Event
Inventory Checklist
Tools in Working Order?
I have completed all the work on this document and checked each checkbox to ensure all areas of my position have been completed on time and at the standards at which I have agreed. If anything was not completed up to these standards or completed at all, I have communicated with my team manager and we have authorized the adjustments and made note of it in the position contract agreement in the comments section. I understand, that if I have not completing my work agreement up to standards, including filling out the check boxes and contract position, without authorized clearance first, these are grounds for dismissal or a partial payment of my pay.
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