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Music + Speakers + program

How do you find and invest in “ideas worth spreading” anyway? We’ll walk you through this critical undertaking in the planning process, step by step.

In this section, you’ll learn more about themes and topics, how to find great speakers and prepare them for the event, and what your event’s program will look like:

What is a TEDx Talk?

Before you start making decisions on your speakers, it’s important to understand exactly what a TEDx Talk is. (It may be a bit different than you think!)

Create a theme

Your theme will set the tone of your event. This is the time to start deciding the ideas and topics you’ll be sharing with your community.

Create a selection committee

Choosing speakers and performers shouldn’t be the job of just one person. Having more people at the table will make for a more diverse and interesting group of speakers.

Select your speakers

Once you have a theme and some topics of interest, you’ll want to find the right speakers to share their big ideas on your stage.

Invite your speakers

Inviting speakers to give a talk at your event takes more finesse than you might think. Here, we’ll give you tips on how to craft a great invitation.

Prepare your speakers

Prepping your speakers for the big event is a big endeavor, and will require some help. We’ll walk you through how to manage each step of the process.

Create the program

Your program is at the heart of your event, so you’ll want to make sure to craft the schedule and flow of your day mindfully.


Let’s get started: What is a TEDx talk?