Meet The Blind Cafe Team

The Blind Cafe started out with Rosh & some friends excited to create a meaningful experience around community, music, food and social change. Over the years we become like a family, some of touring together nation-wide putting on the pop-up events and others who live in the cities we visit who welcome us with open arms when we return to their city 1 - 3 times a year! Meet out Blind Cafe family below!  

 Rick still won't send us a good head-shot for the website after years of requesting it! lol

Rick still won't send us a good head-shot for the website after years of requesting it! lol


Lead Blind Facilitator & Trainer, Rick Hammond has been with The Blind Cafe since it's beginning in Feb. 2010 and has been an integral part of developing our signature program The Blind Cafe Experience. Rick travels on tour leading the Q & A blind awareness discussions in the dark as well as performs spoken word poetry at our events! 

Learn more about Rick Hammond & his spoke word poetry below. 


Rosh - Founder, Executive Director & performing musician

Rosh started this crazy adventure almost 7 years ago, spending the first 4 years traveling full time in the cities of Austin, Boulder, SF and Portland, building personal relationships with locals to make sure the events were full of heart, community and connection. After enough encouragement from friends, Rosh decided to test out this idea of a music & social change dinner in the dark.  He was inspired to create a music & social change experience in 100% darkness after attending a cafe in the dark in Reykjavik Iceland. Not knowing anyone in his life who was blind, he by chance made friends with Rick Hammond and Gerry Leary, both adventurous blind guys from Boulder. They decided to include a blind awareness Q & A discussion between the audience & the blind staff to help bridge the gap between the sighted and blind community. Rosh now tours full time producing Blind Cafe's nation-wide performing his music in the dark with his band 'Rosh & the Blind Cafe Orchestra' 


richie flores - LEAD BLIND FACILITATOR & performing musician

Lead Blind Facilitator & Trainer, Richie Flores has been with The Blind Cafe since it's first Austin TX appearance in 2011. Richie is big advocate for educating communities about blindness and also one of The Blind Cafe touring performing musicians, a song-writer on guitar and vocals. Richie now lives in San Francisco working with The Light House For The Blind mentoring blind youth. One of Richie's and Rosh's long-term dreams is create internships and jobs for the blind youth to travel on tour with the blind cafe learning public speaking skills & travel-mobility skills. Find more about Richie Flores and his band The Constellation Prize below.