I got more work done in 10 days than I had in one month full-time at my office! The guided timed work session were amazing. I didn’t realize how much I could get done while bonding some amazing & inspiring entrepreneurs. I went back home with inspired, energized and having completed income generating projects I’d been struggling with for months! Robert, Rosh and the whole team fantastic! I signed up for the next quarterly work-cation retreat before I got on the plane back home from Costa Rica!
— ~ Joey MaCarthy, Boulder, CO

10 Day Guided Co-Working Productivity Work-cation Workshop & Retreat in Nosara Costa Rica for Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Business Owners, Executives & remote employees 


working from your own laptop, Spend 10 days GETTING MORE INCOME GENERATING WORK DONE THAN YOU WOULD IN A MONTH ON YOUR OWN at home while rejuvenating thru yoga, healthy amazing meals & surfing at an epic yoga retreat resort in costa rica

6 hrs a day of  guided productivity, real work hours on your business ~ ~ mastermind brainstorming sessions on your business ~  1 yoga class a day ~ 3 surfing lessons ~ 3 healthy meals a day ~  new life-long friends & mastermind partners 

Epic Co-Working Productivity Workshop & Yoga Health Retreats in Costa Rica


Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort is located in the foothills of Nosara and is a short walk from the world class surfing beaches of Guiones. Utilizing its unique and tranquil setting in the Nicoya Blue Zone, Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort is the ideal spot to meet your desires of finding peace, relaxation, and rejuvenation with our yoga team. Experience a little taste of what life in paradise might be like, welcome






March 13 - March 26, 2017                                       Co-Work & Retreat in the Paradise of Costa Rica with a guided productivity workshop & yoga retreat focused on your business/work

Get 10 times more work done than you would in a month while recharging your life in stunning Costa Rica with daily yoga, gourmet meals & adventures! 

Facilitated by Productivity Entrepreneurs: Robert MacNaughton, Gilbert Fellow & Rosh


how it works: a day in the life of your work-cation

Start the day energizing yoga, a gourmet breakfast & self-reflection journal session over Costa Rican coffee or tea & 10 pages reading of Personal Development book Power of Full Engagement

Each morning we'll wake up as a team & energize our bodies and minds with a vinyasa yoga class. Not use to getting up early? No worries by the 2nd - 3rd day you'll whole life will be changing as your training your body to wake up alive with energy and ready to move! After yoga, we'll share a gourmet breakfast prepared by the resort focused on healthy focus geared foods, a journal enter time with coffe/tea and 10-pages reading curriculm book. 

A Mastermind Your Work Plan For Today's Work Sessions

One hour of focused planning 1st thing in the day will be more productive any other work hours that day! In the beginning of the week we set out work outcomes for the week, break them down into small manageable outcomes and then into tasks. Each day in the 1st hour, you'll review your 10 - day work goals, building block results that lead to that goals & tasked outcomes you need to do each day to reach or make major progress on your 10-day work goal. 

This post is not for employees. If you’re an employee looking to negotiate a remote working arrangement, read The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss. Follow his scripts to negotiate working from home or abroad.

This post is for freelancers, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and business owners. Freelancers and solo entrepreneurs will have the easiest time taking workcations.

Even bosses can take workcations. Dan Martell is the founder and CEO of the business advice startup Clarity. Despite running a successful startup and having two young kids, he makes time for workcations where he’s able to stay productive, keep in touch with his team, work out, do some snowboarding or wakeboarding, and, perhaps most importantly, spend quality time with his family.

The whole point of a workation is to work hard, and play hard. -Dan Martell

Our Work is Changing

Come join a community of people who are quietly changing the way we work, live and bring ourselves to the world. Watch this video for a serious case of office-envy.







Startups and small businesses like Tortuga Backpacks can benefit from structuring company retreats as workcations. Keep reading to learn why you should organize a retreat like this and how to make it work without your business grinding to a halt.


6 hrs of timed & guided productivity 90-minute work sessions with mini-breaks designed for optimal focus, concentration & productive energy balance. 

Here is were you get the ROI for signing up for this program. Facilities by our team you will guided through 3 - 4 90-minute work sessions focused solely on your business/work goals.


Based on your work goals we'll help you stay accountantable to  focused on balancing your work categories so nothing gets missed each day: 

  • Communications: Gmail, FB, TEXT, VM 
  • $ Management 
  • Product Development 
  • Productions ( events, production products ) 
  • Distribution 
  • Team Building 

We'll have 5, 10 and 20-minute facilitated breaks where you'll toggle between the four realms of the human experience:

  • Mental ( while your working on your computer )
  • Physical
    • 5-minute 10-push ups/10-sit ups breaks,
    • walking then, laying down & rest with eyes closed breaks
    • get up and dance for 5 full minute breaks to awesome music then get bak to work breaks
    • sitting meditation breaks 
    • painting colligraphgy breaks 
  • Emotional:
    • Skye with your Mom Break - you will skype your mom and talk about your childhood with her getting in touch with freedom of being a kid
    • Write a letter to yourself future self break: We will mail it back to you in one year from when you write it
    • Write a letter to someone telling someone how much you appreciate them break
    • painting colligraphgy breaks 
  • Spiritual
    • Yoga breaks
    • medititation breaks  

Productivity Check-Ins: we'll know about your goals and tasks and keep you on target! 

Adventure Time:  to the Beach to Surf, kick a soccor ball or hike in the jungle

One hour of focused planning 1st thing in the day will be more productive any other work hours that day! In the beginning of the week we set out work outcomes for the week, break them down into small manageable outcomes and then into tasks. Each day in the 1st hour, you'll review your 10 - day work goals, building block results that lead to that goals & tasked outcomes you need to do each day to reach or make major progress on your 10-day work goal.


One hour of focused planning 1st thing in the day will be more productive any other work hours that day! In the beginning of the week we set out work outcomes for the week, break them down into small manageable outcomes and then into tasks. Each day in the 1st hour, you'll review your 10 - day work goals, building block results that lead to that goals & tasked outcomes you need to do each day to reach or make major progress on your 10-day work goal. 

Community Dinner together followed by Next-Day-Work-Planning session


One hour of focused planning 1st thing in the day will be more productive any other work hours that day! In the beginning of the week we set out work outcomes for the week, break them down into small manageable outcomes and then into tasks. Each day in the 1st hour, you'll review your 10 - day work goals, building block results that lead to that goals & tasked outcomes you need to do each day to reach or make major progress on your 10-day work goal. 

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Can't focus? Feel burnt out? how too much to do? Overwhelmed & distracted? Desperately need a break, retreat...recharge but can't take a week off because you have too many work tasks required for you to handle everyday?   

This work-cation productivity workshop & yoga health retreat is for the following types of people: 

  • solo entrepreneurs
  • free-lance designers/workers
  • small teams of 2 - 12
  • business owners
  • executives
  • remote ( home ) working employees
  • who can work from just a laptop & internet for 10 days
  • who are burnt out & need a rejuvenation but can't not work everyday
  • who feel isolated/disconnected & want to feel bonded with a team of like minded people
  • who just are NOT GETTING anything done, feeling stuck about it and need something to get back in touch with
    • life
    • the reason behind their work 
    • having fun again 

Feel like you can't actually get your work done without being at the office or by the phone at your business, office or country? 

You'll be surprised! With a few adjustments, online redirect phone number/texting tools & temporally just taking calls/meeting through your can take a 10 day work-cation, get more done than you would at the office & return home inspired, fresh, energized & 10 times more productive! 

Now you can have your retreat ( cake ) & eat it too ( stay productive )

Now you can go on retreat & get more done in 10 days than you would in one month at the office...all while doing yoga everyday, indulging in 3 healthy delicious meals a day, drinking fresh coconuts, bonding with a group of similar entrepreneurs & making life-long friends or possible business partners! 

Experience 10 days of focused 6-hrs a day of guided productive, real work hours on your business facilitated by our Retreat & Work Productivity Team while staying in an epic yoga retreat center. Your work-cation productivity workshop & yoga/health retreat includes: 

  • 6 - 7 hrs a day of focused, well planned, timed real work hours on your business on your laptop, guided by a professional productivity facilitators holding you accountable for staying on track towards your business goals via the results you've workshopped to complete or make major progress on for that day.
  • 3 healthy meals a day, smoothies, dark choc boosts & Costa Rican Expresso's & Coffee's 
  • 9 nights all inclusive stay @ the epic 3-star Bhodi Tree Yoga Resort in the remote town of Nosara Costa Rica in beautiful, clean, daily serviced accommodations. 
  • new life-long friends, community & possible business mentors/partners in small focused groups of 6 - 12 entrepreneurs like you looking to get focused, get connect to nature & get their work done for their unique business's
  • Evening 'next-day-work-outcome-planning' session so you hit the ground running & get the most out this retreat
  • additional jungle, beach & surfing adventures
  • 1 hour work for the day planning to hone in on what's most important to complete to reach your goals
  • Group discussions on:
    • life-style balance with work, play, relationships & health,
    • best tools & best practices for kicking ass while living fully
    • why working less will get more done and make you happier 
    • the power of the mastermind, co-working & co-working retreats & how they bring the magic back to your life! 

Meet The Blind Cafe Team

The Blind Cafe started out with Rosh & some friends excited to create a meaningful experience around community, music, food and social change. Over the years we become like a family, some of touring together nation-wide putting on the pop-up events and others who live in the cities we visit who welcome us with open arms when we return to their city 1 - 3 times a year! Meet out Blind Cafe family below!  

 Rick still won't send us a good head-shot for the website after years of requesting it! lol

Rick still won't send us a good head-shot for the website after years of requesting it! lol


Lead Blind Facilitator & Trainer, Rick Hammond has been with The Blind Cafe since it's beginning in Feb. 2010 and has been an integral part of developing our signature program The Blind Cafe Experience. Rick travels on tour leading the Q & A blind awareness discussions in the dark as well as performs spoken word poetry at our events! 

Learn more about Rick Hammond & his spoke word poetry below. 


Rosh - Founder, Executive Director & performing musician

Rosh started this crazy adventure almost 7 years ago, spending the first 4 years traveling full time in the cities of Austin, Boulder, SF and Portland, building personal relationships with locals to make sure the events were full of heart, community and connection. After enough encouragement from friends, Rosh decided to test out this idea of a music & social change dinner in the dark.  He was inspired to create a music & social change experience in 100% darkness after attending a cafe in the dark in Reykjavik Iceland. Not knowing anyone in his life who was blind, he by chance made friends with Rick Hammond and Gerry Leary, both adventurous blind guys from Boulder. They decided to include a blind awareness Q & A discussion between the audience & the blind staff to help bridge the gap between the sighted and blind community. Rosh now tours full time producing Blind Cafe's nation-wide performing his music in the dark with his band 'Rosh & the Blind Cafe Orchestra' 


richie flores - LEAD BLIND FACILITATOR & performing musician

Lead Blind Facilitator & Trainer, Richie Flores has been with The Blind Cafe since it's first Austin TX appearance in 2011. Richie is big advocate for educating communities about blindness and also one of The Blind Cafe touring performing musicians, a song-writer on guitar and vocals. Richie now lives in San Francisco working with The Light House For The Blind mentoring blind youth. One of Richie's and Rosh's long-term dreams is create internships and jobs for the blind youth to travel on tour with the blind cafe learning public speaking skills & travel-mobility skills. Find more about Richie Flores and his band The Constellation Prize below. 

Nosara Info

Nosara, Costa Rica Everything You Need to Know. I Mean Everything.

By Josh

Imagine a small, beautiful beach town surrounded by jungle and wildlife with a peaceful multicultural community and many of the comforts of home. That place, named by National Geographic as one of the top surf towns in the entire world, exists. It is called Nosara.

Expats who live in Nosara will tell you there is no better place on earth.

Viva Tropical

One need only walk down the remote and dusty roads of Playa Guiones, pop into an organic café, take a class in one of the many exceptional yoga studios, surf the clean consistent waves, or watch a stunning sunset to understand why.

With a strong expat community, excellent international academies for kids, and accessible health food Nosara has many of the luxuries and comforts of home tucked into a small Costa Rican beach town surrounded by nature. Many consider it the perfect place to relocate abroad.


Nosara is famous for its surf and world-renowned yoga, and arguably put Costa Rica on the map as a yoga retreat destination. This strong surf and yoga culture has brought sophisticated health conscious expats from all over the world.

For decades local associations have kept the beaches clean and the surrounding protected national parks and forest relatively undeveloped. It has the cleanest water table in all of Costa Rica, with clean ocean water and no dumping of gray or black water into the streams or beaches. It is one of the few coastal towns that lacks nearly any development on the beach.

This unique combination of North American culture and pristine Costa Rican wilderness attracts all kinds including the rich and famous. Woody Harrelson, Liv Schreiber, and several wealthy individuals have either lived here or visited in recent years. High demand has led real estate to soar but people continue to move and to buy. The quality of life here is so high, many choose to relocate regardless of the cost.

Viva Tropical

Location and Geography

The Nosara region is located on the North Pacific Coast of the Nicoya Peninsula in Guanacaste about 100 miles west of the capital, San Jose, and sits between the popular beach towns of Playa Samara and Playa Tamarindo.

It consists of five beachfront towns: Playa Nosara, Playa Garza, Playa Guiones, Playa Pelada, and Playa Ostional. When many people cite Nosara, they are usually referring to the most popular beach town of Playa Guiones where most of the restaurants, yoga studios, surf shops, and hotels can be found.

The Ostional Wildlife Refuge borders Nosara and is the largest Olive Ridley turtle nesting site in the world. The Nosara and Montana Rivers are two of the longest in Costa Rica and are also teeming with wildlife. The rivers meet the ocean in Playa Nosara.

The official town center of Nosara is located about five miles inland from the beach and is where most of the local, Tico population resides. It has medical facilities, supermarkets, a local airport, a pharmacy, banks, and a post office.

Viva Tropical


Like most of Central America, Nosara has a rainy and a dry season but enjoys warm weather year round. The dry season coincides with the highest season for tourism and runs from late November through April.

Temperatures average in the mid eighties. Days are long and sunny with stunningly beautiful sunsets. With no clouds in the sky you can enjoy incredible nightly stargazing. The offshore winds create clean, consistent surfing conditions and surfers can ride waves all day long. The jungle tends to be dry and brown but there is still plenty of wildlife to observe especially near the beach and river.

The rainy season begins in May and ends in November. During this time the jungle becomes green and the foliage comes into bloom, bringing tons of wildlife. It tends to rain during this time in the afternoon and evening with sunny mornings for beach time.

Temperatures are about five degrees cooler and many tours and accommodations are available at discounted rates. The rainiest months are September and October when rain can fall all day. During this time many businesses close, reopening in November.



The land around Nosara was used for generations primarily for cattle pasture. As a result large areas of land were deforested. Much of the beauty of the landscape was destroyed during this time.

In 1962 a U.S. resident decided to purchase the entire coastline of land known as Nosara and implemented The Nosara Project which was the original master plan of the area. In fact, Nosara is the only town in Central America that was master planned. The development originally entailed 500 residential lots interspersed with commercial sites, parks, and a golf course.

The project was never fully completed as finances ran dry. Individual investors began acquiring the lots and formed the Nosara Civic Association in an attempt to carry out the vision of the original city plan. They fight to keep Nosara relatively undeveloped and free from pollution.

Today Nosara is dense with forest and much of the region is protected.

Viva Tropical


Like the rest of Costa Rica the primary language in Nosara is Spanish and the culture is Tico. Local Costa Rican phrases, cuisine, and art are enjoyed here. However, Nosara is culturally distinct from the rest of Costa Rica due to its strong expat population as well as its residence in Guanacaste.

Until 1846 the state of Guanacaste where Nosara lies once belonged to Nicaragua to the north. As a result Guanacastecos developed a strong sense of independence and cultural pride. You may even notice a variance in their accent.

Today Canadian, American, and European expats lend a unique flavor to the local culture. It has one of the oldest expat communities in the entire country. Organic cafes, yoga studios, and Italian restaurants are all foreign businesses that add appeal to the area. English is widely spoken and at times in Playa Guiones you may feel like you’ve landed in the hidden gem of Southern California.


The Beach Towns


Playa Garza

Playa Garza is known primarily as a fishing village. The offshore reef protects the bay from nearby currents and fishermen anchor their boats here as a result. In fact, it’s possible in the afternoon to purchase fresh fish right off the boat. The beach itself is lined with quaint restaurants and bars. At low tide a small cove with pink sand made from seashells is accessible.

Playa Guiones

Playa Guiones is the area’s longest and most popular beach. It stretches three miles with white sand and great surf. The beach has a large swell window, which gives it the most consistent surf in the entire country. The waves are fun for all levels, with swells that challenge the most experienced surfers and waves for complete beginners.

The town itself has several excellent yoga and pilates studios, expat-owned cafes and restaurants, several hostels, surf schools, and a few laid-back bars.

Playa Pelada

While Guiones is the beach for surfers, Pelada is the beach for swimmers. Snorkelers and divers can explore the caves and a local fisherman can take you on a boat tour to observe dolphins, turtles, and whales during mating season.

The town is very small and laid-back with a stunning restaurant, La Luna, that overlooks the beach with epic sunset views.

Playa Nosara

The ancient dark volcanic rock in Nosara created the dark sand beach of Nosara. It sits on the Nosara Biological Reserve and has two of Costa Rica’s longest rivers running through it, the Montana and the Nosara. You can spot 270 species of birds here, as well as monkeys, coati, raccoons, armadillos, anteaters, crabs, and crocodiles.

Many kayak, boat, and stand up paddleboard tours explore this beach, its rivers, and mangroves. You must wade the rivers to reach the beach or take a boat.

Playa Ostional

Located in the Nosara-Ostional Wildlife Refuge, this seaside village protects the largest nesting site in the world for the Olive Ridley sea turtle. Hundreds to hundreds of thousands of turtles come onto the shore to lay their eggs on the darkest nights following a full moon. Peak season takes place between May and November but you may see small groups year round.

Following the nesting it is possible to see the turtle hatching, where thousands of baby turtles run into the ocean to begin their aquatic lives. Volunteers can help protect the turtles from nearby dogs and vultures.

Surf is also prime here, however rip currents are strong making it unsafe for swimming.

Viva Tropical


The exceptional schooling available in Nosara is one of the key reasons families come from all over the world. The two private schools, Del Mar Academy and HSBA Academy, offer high quality education in an international setting.

Classes are taught bilingually exposing children to a second language and offering them the opportunity to build relationships with students from all over the world. These schools provide smaller class sizes for more one-on-one attention and focus not only on academic development but also on community and environmental involvement.

Del Mar Academy

Located in the jungle at the end of a small road, this Montessori school is surrounded by nature and wildlife. The school uses the Montessori teaching approach as well as curriculum from the non-Montessori educational community.

This approach encourages hands on learning to aid children in developing observational skills through activities that use all five senses. The classes are designed to accommodate each individual in his or her learning process. They accommodate children from toddler age until seventh grade.

The core subject areas covered include nutrition and health, multicultural environments, English and Spanish language, music and movement, creative art, and natural science as well as highlighting the importance of community service, the environment, and social awareness.

Field trips are planned throughout the year and involve curriculum related activities intended to enhance the student’s areas of study. Activities include nature hikes, fishing trips, visits to farms, museums, seashores, and eco preserves. There are also many extracurricular activities including dance, surf, swimming, baseball, tennis, and soccer.

HSBA Academy

The HSBA Academy caters to a wide age group offering classes for kids from kindergarten through twelfth grade. Creativity and curiosity are fostered through experiential learning and classes are taught bilingually.

The curriculum focuses on Math, Science, Language, Social Studies, and Art. Many extracurricular activities are available including yoga, art, music, cooking, physical education, and surfing. Classes take field trips frequently to local destinations to learn about the area.

Every Friday afternoon students and families can come to the surf club in Playa Guiones for free surf lessons from members of the Costa Rican surf team. Students also participate in community events like Nosara’s Festival of Lights and the Sustainability Fair to encourage community involvement and giving.

Leo Prieto


In Nosara one could easily spend days on end soaking up the sun and lazing on the beach admiring its beauty. But with so much to do, why would you? Nosara is home to world-class surfing and yoga and has plenty of other athletic activities and nature excursions for you to participate in.


The Nosara Yoga Institute paved the path for many yoga studios in Costa Rica today. It has long been a destination for yogis looking to receive their teacher training or simply deepen their practice.

Today Nosara has several studios that offer drop-in classes several times a day, and even more that have yoga teacher trainings and retreats. High competition means high quality and it’s hard to go wrong. Many special yoga events are held in Nosara that are not available elsewhere in the country.

If you are passionate about yoga, you will never be at a loss for things to do in Nosara. It is not uncommon to see groups practicing yoga on the beach and you may feel inspired to get playful with some acro yoga in the sand.

Public Yoga Classes

Nosara Yoga Institute
The Nosara Yoga Institute is perched on a hill in the woods in a small quiet space on the outskirts of Playa Guiones. Rather than mirrors you are surrounded by the stunning jungle. The tranquil setting is the perfect place to delve deep into your practice with skilled, experienced instructors.

Several public classes are taught each day for $10 in a variety of yoga styles including restorative, Hatha, and Vinyasa flow. Classes are taught in English but can be done bilingually in Spanish when necessary. Yoga mats and props are available for use.

Harmony Hotel
The Harmony Hotel is a beautiful addition to the neighborhood of Playa Guiones with its luxury rooms, peaceful gardens, delicious restaurant and café, and amazing yoga classes. The open air studio sits across from a tranquil lily pond.

Classes are offered several times a day in a variety of styles including Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, and Kundalini for $12. All props and mats are included. They also offer aerial yoga classes for those looking to get upside down. The pliable hammock cradles your body as you stretch realigning your body with the compression of gravity.

Those who suffer from back or neck injuries can particularly benefit from these postures as it allows you to take deep inversions without lower back compression. It is a truly unique style of yoga worth exploring. They often host yoga workshops as well for those looking to deepen their practice in specific areas like arm balances and hip openers.

Costa Rica Yoga Spa
Up in the hills near the Montana River is the Costa Rica Yoga Spa. They typically run retreats and yoga teacher trainings, but do offer public classes once a day, for $15, from their ocean view studio. For another $10 you can stay for one of their organic meals using produce from their garden. They occasionally host events open to the public as well.

Viva Tropical

Yoga Retreats and Teacher Trainings

With its beautiful relaxed setting and exceptional yoga centers, Nosara is a great place for those looking to complete a yoga teacher training or take a yoga retreat. There are many studios offering Yoga Alliance accreditation as well as relaxing, deepening retreats.

Nosara Yoga Institute
The Nosara Yoga institute was not only one of the first studios in Nosara, but in the entire country. They offer a variety of teacher training options from the basic 200 hour teacher training to 100 hour specialties to 1000 hour master level training.

Trainings strive to deepen students from the inside out with an interdisciplinary approach that stretches far beyond the postures themselves. They emphasize non-judgment and non-authority in their teaching to allow all students to explore their own yogic path.

They also host retreats throughout the year.

Blue Spirit
Blue Spirit is another famous yoga center in Nosara. They host yoga teacher trainings through YogaWorks as well as many retreats hosted by a variety of groups and teachers. All trainings and retreats include accommodations, gourmet vegetarian meals, and use of their stunning ocean view facility with a saltwater infinity pool.


Pilates Nosara offers several drop-in classes per day for $10 of both mat pilates and reformer pilates. Private pilates appointments are available on weekends. They also offer pilates retreats at the Costa Rica Yoga Spa often in combination with daily yoga. For those interested in becoming pilates instructors or simply improving their understanding of the practice they have teacher training courses and workshops.

Viva Tropical


The Enchanted Forest Hostel and Gym offers daily boxing classes led by a professional female boxer from the U.S., “Tiger Brenda”. Classes begin with a challenging, creative circuit workout before transitioning to the ring on the other side of her property. Brenda’s boxing classes are a fun way to get a workout and release tension.

Viva Tropical


Nosara was named by National Geographic as one of the top 20 surf towns in the world. With clean, consistent surfing for all levels, it’s easy to see why.

Playa Guiones has some of the best waves to learn surfing in all of Costa Rica. Right at the shore are rows of clean white water, perfect for beginners taking lessons. The shape of the wave is just the right curve for beginners and challenging enough to trim for experts. These waves can be surfed at any tide level so you can take lessons and practice in the water virtually any time of the day.

Nearby Playa Pelada has a volcanic reef break that can be surfed at high tide with the right south swell.

There are plenty of other nearby breaks that can be explored by vehicle including Playa Ostional which has heavy hollow breaks and Playa Marbella that has hollow but smaller waves.

Jason Martin

Surf Schools

Board rentals and private lessons are readily available, particularly in Playa Guiones, and there are several surf schools including Kaya Sol and Coconut Harry’s for those looking to really delve in.

Coconut Harry’s
The famous surf shop in Playa Guiones, Coconut Harry’s offers board rentals, lessons, and surf packages. They even sell boards for those who are dedicated to the sport. Lessons are taught by trained, certified instructors who offer professional services.

Group surf lessons start at $35 and go up to $70 for private. They offer a variety of surf lesson packages for kids and adults as well as all-inclusive packages which include transportation to and from the international airports, breakfast and lunch, accommodations, and twice daily surfing.

Safari Surf School
Voted “Best Outfitter on Earth” by National Geographic and an Official Billabong Surf School, Safari Surf School has the most accolades of any surf school in Nosara. All instructors are certified and the company has been in operation for over 13 years.

They have surf camps for various skill levels from absolute beginner to advanced helping people at all stages in their practice improve. Packages start at $2000 and include twice daily surf lessons with certified instructors, breakfast, accommodations, airport transfer, and other activities including ziplining, yoga, and jungle hikes.

They have a surf school specifically for women with an all female crew of surf instructors. The women’s surf school offers walk-in lessons as well as week-long camps. The camp experience is essentially a retreat that focuses on health and wellness in addition to surfing.

Starting at around $2000 the retreat includes transport to and from the airport, twice daily surf lessons, daily yoga and guided meditation, $100 spa credit at Harmony hotel, adventure excursions like ziplining and hiking, six nights of accommodation, daily breakfast and lunch, several dinners at local restaurants, and other goodies.

Stand up Paddleboarding

Stand up paddleboarding has become a popular water sport across the world. It builds core strength and improves balance but is also downright fun.

Experience Nosara Paddlesurf and Coconut Harry’s run tours along the Rio Montana and Rio Nosara to the rivermouth at Playa Nosara. These tours weave through mangrove shoreline allowing you to see nature up close and personal. It’s almost like taking a hike on the water. Spotting nearby wildlife like exotic birds, snakes, and crocodiles makes it an adventurous ride! Tours cost around $60.

Blue Zone SUP runs a stand up paddleboarding camp where they offer enthusiasts immersive one week programs. Camps cater to all levels from absolute beginner to highly advanced. Each day participants enjoy SUP courses, nature excursions, and yoga. Packages include accommodation in Playa Garza and gourmet meals and start at $2,250.

If you want to do some exploring on your own, Coconut Harry’s rents stand up paddleboards for $30 a day.

Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga

Nosara occasionally hosts stand up paddleboarding retreats where you can test your balance on the water surrounded by nature. Nosara SUP Yoga offers tours where you can test out this new sport or rent a board and experiment on your own.

5 Rhythms Dance

The 5 Rhythms is a moving meditation that is occasionally taught at Harmony Hotel in Nosara. This style of dance is intended to heal the mind, body, and spirit through free-form movement. It usually lasts about three hours and is a unique and deepening practice not offered elsewhere in Costa Rica.


The rivers in Nosara can also be explored by kayaks if that suits your fancy. Nosara Paddlesurf leads half-day tours from down the Nosara River to the ocean, spotting wildlife along the way.

Drifter’s Kayaking does a similar tour and rents kayaks by the hour, allowing you to take your own self-guided tour.

Canopy Tours

Costa Rica is famous for its canopy tours, and Nosara has not only the longest of its kind in the world with over 11km of line, but it’s also one of the safest. Miss Sky Canopy Tours takes participants on 21 runs that are double lined which goes beyond the national safety standards.

You can enjoy wildlife and incredible waterfall and nature views on the lines, then you stop at a waterfall for a nice cool swim. It’s a great way to see the countryside.


The beautiful protected countryside surrounding Nosara makes for great hiking. The Nosara Biological Reserve has 35 hectares of flora and fauna on the south side of the Nosara River. In the wilderness here you can find monkeys, coatis, armadillos, deer, wildcats, and 270 species of birds. This particular hike takes two hours and is best done early in the day before it gets too hot and the animals are the most active.

Horseback Riding

Riding along the beaches of Nosara at sunset on the back of a horse is a memorable experience. Playa Ponies leads guided horseback tours along the beach and through jungle trails past howler monkeys, parrots, and crocodiles along the river.


Nosara is known for being one of the best places for sportfishing in Costa Rica. Here it is possible to catch sailfish, blue marlin, yellowfin tuna, mahi mahi, snapper, and more.

Fishing Nosara offers all-inclusive fishing vacation packages which include transportation, lodging, and fishing excursions. They also charter private boats for day fishing trips. Agua Azul is another company that takes groups on private fishing trips. You can also ask around to find a local fisherman who will take you out on his boat.

Snorkeling in San Juanillo

The laid-back white sand beach of San Juanillo might be one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. It’s a short drive from Playa Guiones but feels worlds away. The town is small, authentically Costa Rican, and surrounded by fishing boats. Several tour companies including Playa Ponies operate half-day snorkeling trips here where you can explore the offshore reef and its tropical fish and marine life.

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Activities for Kids

Most activities in Nosara are kid friendly, like ziplining, hiking, kayaking, and more, but Nosara also has many programs and camps catered specifically to children.

Del Mar Splash Program

Del Mar Academy provides a program for families who plan to be in Nosara on a short-term basis or who are investigating the area for longer term living. There are half-day and full-day options as well as a two week long summer camp with Spanish language tutoring and recreational activities like art and science experiments.

Attendees spend lunch and recess with Del Mar Academy full-time students to build lasting friendships with kids living in Nosara in case they do decide to enroll full time in the future.

Kids in Motion

Teaching children about themselves and one another through movement, Kids in Motion allows kids to express themselves with rhythm, art, and dance. They focus on encouraging the uniqueness within each child to build confidence. Programs include beginning acrobatics, musical theatre, ballet, hip hop dance, and even introduces kids to the 5 Rhythms of Yoga.

Boxing for Kids

The Enchanted Garden also offers boxing classes specifically for kids from 7 to 15 years of age. Classes are taught bilingually and enable kids to play and exercise in a boxing ring inside the jungle. Classes are $10 each.

Surf Schools

Most surf schools in the area offer private and group lessons specifically for kids. Safari Surf School offers a kids camp which has a variety of activities including surfing. Beach activities like soccer, volleyball, board games, and tide pool excursions are also part of the camp experience.

Half-day and full-day options are available depending on the needs of your family. Camp instructors speak bilingually, simultaneously teaching your children Spanish. They also educate children on environmental conservation and the importance of keeping the beach clean. A half day costs $90 and includes snacks, a full day is $150 including lunch.

Scuba Dive Introduction

Paskis Adventures based in San Juanillo introduces children over 8 to the world of scuba diving.

Participants swim in a safe, supervised, shallow water area playing and learning to breathe underwater. It’s a great way to begin to learn about the underwater world.

Mini Golf

Café de Paris has a mini golf course, which is great fun for kids and families. It is the biggest mini golf course in Costa Rica with 18 holes. There is also a playground and pool.

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Beach Buddies

Think daycare on the beach. This organization arranges art classes, sports, and Spanish classes for your kids ages 4 to 12 daily from 9am to 4pm including lunch for $120. It’s a great way to relax on your own time while your kids learn some valuable skills and have fun.

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Bars, Cafes and Restaurants

The Guilded Iguana

This bar and restaurant is a local hotspot near the beach in Playa Guiones. They serve traditional Costa Rican casados as well as nachos, burritos, and burgers. They occasionally have live music at night which makes for a lively scene.

Café de Paris

Incredible freshly baked breads and pastries are served in a lovely garden with pool, mini golf course, basketball court, and playground. Elegant Parisian breakfast and lunch is also served here.

La Luna

Perched on the beach in Playa Pelada, La Luna is one of the best places to watch the sunset in all of Costa Rica. The outdoor tables all have an excellent view of the ocean for peace and relaxation. The menu boasts a wide variety of fusion dishes including fried calamari, beet salad, fresh fish, and grilled steak. Enjoy cocktails and wine on their full bar menu.

Olga’s Bar and Restaurant

Olga’s is another place to enjoy a lovely sunset in Playa Pelada. The fare is traditional Costa Rican cuisine served on a beachfront patio. Enjoy live music here seven nights a week.

Naked Foods

Naked Foods in Playa Guiones sells truly raw, organic, allergy-free foods and beverages. They offer amazing juices like coconut water, ginger, cayenne, cucumber, and honey, bottled and refrigerated for you to take to the beach. Raw goodies and snacks include cacao spread, spirulina fruit roll ups, and dehydrated bananas. Jars of fresh spices are also for sale.

La Dolce Vita

Believe it or not you can find delicious, authentic Italian food on the beach in Costa Rica. La Dolce Vita is Italian-owned and serves up homemade delicacies like antipasto platters, lasagna, ravioli, grilled fish, and steak. They even have gluten free pasta options!

Kaya Sol

Located next to the beach in Playa Guiones, Kaya Sol is a local favorite for live music, fresh seafood, and plenty of vegetarian options. With traditional Costa Rican casado, grilled filet mignon, and vegan quinoa salads, they truly have something for everyone. Some nights they have happy hour specials as well as special BBQ menus.

Harmony Hotel Restaurant

Tucked away in the beautiful garden at Harmony Hotel is their lovely fine dining restaurant. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner featuring fresh, local ingredients, many of which come from their very own farm.

The menu is fusion with Hawaiian style shrimp, crispy falafel, sushi menu, and more. The open air restaurant has a full bar and mixologist crafting fine cocktails and mocktails.

Harmony Hotel Juice Bar

The Juice Bar is a casual alternative to the Harmony Hotel Restaurant for those looking for lighter fare. Inside of a lovely ranchito you can enjoy fresh organic juices, salads, and sandwiches on whole grain bread made in-house.

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The David Kitson Public Library

Nosara boasts an impressive public library, a rare commodity in Central America. Their collection includes over 6000 books in both English and Spanish. They also offer community workshops, computers for public use, and meeting rooms.

Organic Grocery Store

Like in North America, communities can often be found where the food is. Organic Deli-Market in Playa Guiones is one of the only organic grocery stores in Costa Rica. They sell organic produce every day, a rarity in much of Central America, bulk spices and nuts, local cheese, and delicious ready-made soups, salads, and sandwiches. It’s like a mini Whole Foods. Expat locals frequent here often and community events are advertised on fliers when you enter.

Local Fare

Every Tuesday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. is an organic Farmer’s Market selling organic meat, fruits and veggies, and homemade bread and pastries. You can also set up an account with Rainbow Organic, a local company that allows you to pre-order your farm box online. They offer organic produce, meat, and local cacao, honey, and coconut products. Franklin’s offers excellent and original products as well like homemade coconut oil, dried fruit, cacao treats, and other specialties.

Nosara Nannies

Nosara Nannies is a local service in Nosara that provides short- and long-term childcare for children of all ages. Childcare providers are experienced and English speaking.

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Watching the sunset

In the dry season, without fail there is a stunningly beautiful sunset every evening in Nosara. In Playa Guiones surfers come out of the ocean and land dwellers walk to the shore to sit and watch this impressive performance. It is a great way to feel connected with the entire community and to meet other expats and families.

Crime and Safety

Nosara is known for being a very safe place to visit. The local community is quite friendly and there is little crime in the area. However, theft is a problem in Costa Rica in general, so always take care and use your head. Never leave valuables unattended on the beach nor inside of your parked vehicle.

If you do encounter any problems in Nosara there is a police station in the town of Nosara and a Tourist Police Center in Playa Guiones. Here you can report any stolen items or crimes you encounter. There are also paid security guards at many restaurants, hotels, and businesses and local police patrol the area on motorcycles and ATVs.

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Roads in Nosara are unpaved and very dusty in the dry season. They typically have potholes and at times farm animals blocking them. Take a deep breath and be patient and you should be able to get around just fine.

Nosara is reachable from the San Jose and Liberia airports by air through Nature Air, shuttle, car, and buses.

Once in the Nosara area there are roads and buses connecting the different beach towns. ATVs, rental cars, and bicycles are available for rent and can be helpful if you plan to explore other neighborhoods. Playa Guiones is quite walkable on either the road or the beach. On average a quad costs around $50 per day and a bicycle costs around $10 per day.

If you decide to rent a car you will need your driver’s license from home as well as your passport.

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Government and Economy

Costa Rica operates under a democracy, headed by a president in power over a four-year term. Balance is kept in place with an elected congress and appointed ministers. There is no military as it was constitutionally banned in 1948.

The funds once used to sustain the military force became available for business development and social programs like healthcare and quality education. Over 90% of Costa Ricans enjoy public healthcare coverage and the country has significant