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There is something about engaging in organic conversation in a room full of strangers who can’t see each that instills a sense of community along the group. At the end, a candle is lit and it feels as if your waking up from a collective dream, that you somehow shared with everyone around you.
— Hayley Besecker | 7 x 7 Magazine SF
I knew somehow in your lovely venue when our walls were down and hearts were open that he was special and the one for me. We fell in love at the Blind Cafe.
— Danielle, Seattle Blind Cafe Guest

Interested in joining us in the dark for a Blind Cafe?

The Blind Café does not try to perfectly recreate blindness. Instead, it allows people to interact, trust each other, and experience community in an entirely new way. In the dark, there are no uncomfortable glances, no self-consciousness about what you’re wearing or what you weigh, no distinction between the sighted and blind.