High Life-time Value Activities

Building Relationships ( networking events, connecting with staff, meeting with/asking advice mentors )

Learning & Creating Systems  ( creating 80/20 systems, studying course, attending networking events )

Supporting Person Health ( Gym, Eating Well, 90 Minute Focused Blocks, Walks to Forest, Napping )


High - Dollar Per Hour Activities ( activities that ring the registrar and bring in 'CASH'

Sales Related Tasks - ( responding client requests quickly while ready to buy, Copy Ad, Pricing Tests )

Implementing Marketing Tools and Strategies

Empowering Team Leads to ACT on our 80/20 Income Generating Tasks!


Low - Dollar Per Hour Activities

'Busy Work' Administration

Errands, Shopping ( Inventory, Shopping Materials, etc. )

Repetitive Tasks (


0 or No-value Activities

Building Relationships

Learning & Creating Systems

Supporting Health