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The Blind Cafe Music In The Dark Experience

The Blind Cafe Music In The Dark Experience is an unparalleled live 'music experience' held in 100% darkness. No Blindfolds! Without the distraction of our visual conditioning, social etiquettes & cell phones, music experienced in 100% darkness allows music fans to remember what is was like to truly listen... and feel, music again.


Rosh & the Blind Cafe Orchestra live in the dark, filmed on inferred camera 

I actually cried during your song ‘Transcend’ which is not something I would not have let myself do, if I knew that people could see me. But knowing that I was invisible, it was much easier to let my emotions flow and that felt SO healthy! It was also nice to end on a higher emotional note with everyone singing and standing together. Our table was all holding hands and swaying too! I walked out of there with such a happy full heart!
— Katie Maginnis, Seattle Blind Cafe Experience