Rosh & The Blind Cafe Orchestra

Since 2010, Rosh & The Blind Cafe Orchestra has specialized in performing in the complete and total pitch dark at Blind Cafe events across the USA. Rosh, an American songwriter, born in Boston, MA, stumbled upon a temporary 'cafe in the dark' while on tour in 2007 in Reykjavik Iceland. It was so dark, he could not even see his hands in front of his face. It was then that he dreamed up the idea of creating positive social change experiences in the dark, intended to help people 'see' their world from a new perspective.

In 2010, the first Blind Cafe event was launched with the formation of The Blind Cafe Orchestra accompanying Rosh's original songwriter music. The Blind Cafe Orchestra, is an evolving group of orchestral musicians, consisting of cello, violin, viola, female vocals and more. This rare and unique approach to listening to music in the dark, with an array of orchestral strings and various instrumentation, has led them to perform for over 10,000 people in the dark since 2010.

In 2015, The Blind Cafe will be launching two new innovative programs. The Blind Cafe Music In The Dark Performance Series is a collaborative program between The Blind Cafe & established music acts to hold unparalleled live music performances held in complete pitch darkness. Soon you will be able to 'hear' your favorite artists perform in the pitch dark. The Blind Cafe Orchestra In The Dark Series is a collaborative program between The Blind Cafe & establish symphonies and orchestra’s nationwide to hold unparalleled performances of both classical and modern music held in complete pitch darkness.


I actually cried during your song ‘Transcend’ which is not something I would have let myself do, if I knew that people could see me. But knowing that I was invisible, it was much easier to let my emotions flow and that felt SO healthy! It was also nice to end on a higher emotional note with everyone singing and standing together. Our table was all holding hands and swaying too! I walked out of there with such a happy full heart!
— Katie Maginnis, Seattle

Music Videos

Love & Rainy Days By Rosh - Live in the dark at The Blind Cafe 2010 Featuring Phil Norman, Rosh and Clay Hamilton

Rosh & The Blind Cafe Orchestra in their first music video. Envisioned, created and loved in brilliant, Boulder, Colorado. © Berkeley Street Media & Rosh Productions

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