Rosh is an american singer-songwriter, that performs mostly in 100% darkness with his touring band Rosh & The Blind Cafe Orchestra at his social change events called The Blind Cafe Experience. Born & raised in Boston, MA he moved to Boulder, CO in 2001. 


In 2006 he began touring as a solo artist in the US, Ireland, Europe and Iceland. While in Reykjavik, Iceland he happened upon a temporary ‘cafe in the dark’ set up for disabilities awareness week, where the guests gathered over coffee in complete darkness and all the waitstaff where legally blind. 


Rosh, having found the Iceland experience profoundly moving, decided to take the concept of darkness and create a Blind Cafe Music In The Dark Experience for music fans, guiding them through an ‘active music listening’ experience where the fans experience listening to music in depth, without the distraction of their visual conditioning, social etiquette and cell phones. 


Having a friend who is blind and another a Chef, Rosh decided to include the dinner and blind awareness discussion to the experience, thus creating The Blind Cafe Experience - A Positive Social Change Concert, Dinner and Discussion in the Dark. The Blind Cafe has been touring since 2010 full time and had over 15,000 people through the dark as of 2016.


In the dark, there are no uncomfortable glances, no self-consciousness about what you’re wearing or if your singing aloud or tearing up from emotions to a song. You can literally, dance as if nobody is looking, because nobody is.  


His music combines a mix of indie, folk / americana featuring Rosh on guitar / vocals with a string quartet & additional orchestral accompaniment, arranged and lead by American Composer and Cellist, Phli Norman. 


Some of his most popular songs include “Hard To Live", “The Crown", and “Window Pain”.


His songs touch on a deep sense of making peace, with the impermanence of life we all wrestle with day to day. The weathering of love, sex, transitioning self-identity, gain and lose of friendship, his music brings to the surface these life struggles, honoring these paradox’s with an uplifting sense of appreciation for the unstable element of what it is to be alive. 


“Writing songs brings a resolve to the everyday struggles we all wrestle with. There is something powerful in how we can escape in the music and find ourselves on the other side in peace with whatever it is we're tolling with. Music is magic like that!" ~ Rosh


His songs cut through your protective shield, allowing you to feel again when you've been shut down or just not paying attention to the lessons underneath your challenging experiences. You'll find subtle influences in his music such as Radiohead and Iron & Wine, as well as a rawness and vulnerability, much like that of Kirt Kobain's songwriting of Nirvana.


Audience members who've attended these concerts in total darkness say,


"I actually cried during your song ‘Transcend’ which is not something I would have let myself do, if I knew that people could see me. But knowing that I was invisible, it was much easier to let my emotions flow and that felt SO healthy! It was also nice to end on a higher emotional note with everyone singing and standing together. Our table was all holding hands and swaying too! I walked out of there with such a happy full heart!”


                         ~  Katie Maginnis, Seattle Blind Cafe 



"It dawned on me that I most likely hadn’t listened to music in the dark like this since I was a young teenager. It was so liberating to allow my mind and ears to focus on instrumentation with no visual input.


                         ~ Brian Johnson, The Marquee, Live Music Magazine Colorado Front Range


His most recent releases have been: 


2016, Rosh & the Blind Cafe Orchestra ‘Weeping For The Setting Sun’ E.P 

Recorded in United Interests Studio in Boulder, CO produced by Evan Reeves of Evan Reeves Productions. 


2012, Rosh ~ Live From Maui, was recorded in one sitting, in the mist of a rainstorm in the jungles of Hana, Maui.


Rosh tells about recording in a rain storm, 

"I wanted to capture the songs in the raw form, before we bring them to the studio or even develop beyond that first vulnerable stage when they are just being written. There is something that's lost in the develop of the songs that will only be there in the beginning, much like that wonder in a child's eyes when he/she is young and has no way to distinguish between a fresh look on the world and the matured view of an adult. I wanted to capture that freshness and share it so fans can see the progression and maturity of the songs. " ~Rosh


When not touring with The Blind Cafe or working on music, Rosh spends his time hiking in the mountains of Colorado or in Hana, Maui Hawaii, leading yoga retreats with his yoga retreat center Hana Maui Yoga Institute. ( )