New Song Release ~ Weeping For The Setting Sun

Demo of my new song, Weeping For The Setting Sun & Story Behind it

They music fans! :) This is my very first newsletter about solely my music! I'll mainly only send out e-mails when I have new music or recordings or shows to share with you.

Thanks for your support, I'm committed to just writing, recording and releasing music till the sun turns black. I hope the music reaches you the way my musical hero's music has touched me deep inside.

Low and behold, here is a demo video of my latest song
Weeping For The Setting Sun

And I'm weeping for the setting sun
as we say goodbye
I don't wait for you
still I weep for you
all that we are, isn't set in stone
where we end, is where you begin
so i'll watch that sun go down
and turn black again

I wrote this song as I was traveling along the Big Sir coast line of California.
"And I'm weeping for the setting sun, as we say good bye.../ i don't wait for you but still i weep for you" this lyric holds a lot of power and wisdom in the acceptance of things in life coming and going / playing there course in life. It's something we all struggle and have to dance with. The rising and the setting of the is something we must / all accept. It's life, there's no way to argue it. Lovers, friends, parents, big dreams, hard times etc.....everything rises and sets and there is something powerful in resting in the nature of this natural law.

"where we end, is where you begin, so I'll watch that sun go down and turn black again" this lyric I'd say stems from my experience of impacting people, specifically I apply this lyric to several women I've connected and loved who meet me, are cracked open emotionally and physically ( me being the catalyst for opening ) and then our connection ends ( "where we end ) and she begins with a new opening in her heart and body without me. And I come to a place to accept my role in that situation, where i was there to sort of help push her to the next level, to be the catalyst for her. And I struggle with accepting my role.

So I watch that sun go down....and turn black again. Perhaps that makes sense lol

Let me know how this song feels for ya!

~Love Rosh