What do you mean by 'Positive' Social Change? 

'Positive' Social Change for us...is using the concept of 'entertain and educate', meaning when we are feeling 'entertained' and our hearts are open, we're more receptacle to learning and taking in value info. (social awareness in our case) in a much more impactful way than we might at a lecture or speaking engagement in the light.


The Power of Socially Engagement In 100% Darkness

In 100% darkness, you are 'fully' engaged in whatever you are doing or feeling, whether that is; actively listening to music, setting your cup down carefully so you can find it again to finding yourself standing on your chair surrounded by 70 + people at your community table...giddy, laughing out loud because no one can tell what you are doing...thus others won't judge you based on their visual conditioning of what you look like, what you're wearing or if your standing or sitting on your chair! 

Plus, we have dark chocolate, red wine and most often...puppies at our public events! 

What's On The Horizon? 

The Blind Cafe is currently partnering with several social change mission-oriented organizations and individuals to pilot new social change in the dark experiences, such as a 'Dismantling Racism In The Dark' program, 'Executive Corporate Training In The Dark'  and 'The Blind Cafe ~ Music In The Dark Experience' where we'll be bringing in well-known guests artists, musicians and bands.