How to set up the box office!


  • Set up table with 2 chairs, creates seating chart,  guests list ( needs to be printed out each day), highlighter marker, permanent marker and several pens, light a few candles, index cards
  • Guests arrive, check in. The box office person asks their name and how many people in their party, looks them up on the guest list, adds them to a table on the chart, write on card " TABLE 2" / X 2" and gives the card to the guests with, 1) house concert invite, 2) help us grow invite 3) program for show  then…the guest is instructed to go to the bathroom and wait by their table number which are posted all along the walls
  • Check In:
    Signs lead guests to entrance, they walk in and see box office
    They Check In, give there name, are assigned a table #, given a program and a ticket for wine if they ordered with purchase
    they sent over to wait by their table number posted on the wall of the lobby area, the lobby is lit by candles and low lighting
    they read program out loud to friends, are instructed to go to the bathroom and downloaded about the two golden rules, no light/cell phones off and tibetan singing bowl means groups silence/listening
    they get a glass of wine w/ ticket and/or purchase (by donation: little bottles of wine) and munch on cheese, crackers and grapes at a table set up in the lobby
    they are greeted by guide dog puppy raiser groups who make rounds introducing their puppies to the guests,
    Rosh or E.C. makes announcement reminding people cell phones and group listening experience w/ singing bowl


How to Set Up The Wine Bar

Wine Tickets:
Some people have purchased wine ahead of time with their ticket online. The box office person needs to mark off all the wine ticket people and give them voucher tickets of which they go to the wine bar and give in exchange for a drink



Set Up:
Two tables, one for stand behind for wine and cups, one for back up to hold wine
two stools
table napkins
simple green with paper towels
wine opener x 2
cups (clear, look nice, strong )
2 bar tenders
wine : small bottles
$5 glass $18 bottle


How to Set Up The Dining Room

 6 - 8 person Tables set up in clock position facing from outer walls, leaving space in the middle, ( some tables can be put together to make 12 and 14 person tables when needed for space and/or large groups
 no chairs at either ends of tables, inward facing ends point into the inside of the clock and are for blind waitstaff to engage guests/table. outer ends should be about 2 -3 inchs from wall allowing a little space
Bread on one plate in middle of tables ( plenty of it! )
 two bowls per tables, of olive oil with balsamic vinegar, cracked pepper and sea salt towards ends of table
 Main Tasters Plate w/ fruit plate on upper left and cheese plate on upper right
 Water bottle at 1PM clock
 Napkin, Fork on left side of plate ( double up on napkins )
 Small Table in corner of room with extra napkins, forks, waters, ( please make sure blind waitstaff know where it is )

How to set up the seating process

Seating Process:
the box office people make little cards when tables are full and set aside, when darkness is ready, seating helpers get cards from box office and gather tables to the entrance where they are greeted by their blind waiter.
the blind waiter has them all get in a line with the right hand on the right shoulder of the person in front of them and lead them into the dark
as the guests enters the darkness structure a volunteer is their handing each person a small morsel of dark chocolate, placing it in their free hand or mouth ( they have gloves and plate)
as the guests enter the other end of the darkness structure into pitch dark their is a volunteer with a spritz bottle of watered lavender misting above them as they are losing total sight
the wait staff leads the guests to their table and helps them find their seat, then immediately heads off to get another table, the waiters are assigned a certain few tables to monitor during the evening but it does not matter at this point with the seating, they seat whatever table is ready to be seated, then after everyone is seated, they tend to their assigned tables.