$ Sponsorship

Corporate Sponsorship can be a huge part of making sure we meet our budget. Reach out to any corporate connections and ask if they would be willing to make a tax-deductible contribution of $500 or more to cover the costs:

  • $1500.00 = Travel / Accommodations Expenses for our keynote blind speaker Richie Flores to come lead the Blind Awareness discussion in the dark at the event.
  • $1000.00 = Allows us to pay 2# additional blind waitstaff per weekend event creating meaningful temporary employment for 2# blind persons.
  • $500.00 - $1500.00 = Covers the food for our weekend event insuring we have healthy ingredients to serve in the dark.
  • $10,000 - $15,000 = Allows us to bring an entire Blind Cafe event to the city.

Food Donations

We reply heavily on food, wine and chocolate donations. Our budget allows us $500 per day / $1500 per weekend max WITH donations. So this is an important part of the event planners job to source and establish food and wine sponsors as well as plate-ware companies.

1. Work with Chef to gather list of desired items and alternative items list to ask for from food sponsors.

2. Please contact:

  • Farms: Go on to Google maps & research farms in the area. Batch this task by getting a cup of coffee and call them up personally ( not e-mail unless you must ) and tell them you are producing an awareness / fund raising event for the blind and are wondering if they would be interested in donating some produce for us to serve in the dark at our event. Offer them a pair of tickets. 
  • Producer Dealers: Research producer providers in the area and call them up asking about getting produce donated for our event. Tell them the items we hope to have donated, the alternatives and also let them know we are willing to work with whatever they are willing / able to donate. Offer them a pair of tickets.
  • Grocery Stores: Make a list of community oriented grocery stores and ask them to donate produce, products and / gift cards to our event. Offer them a pair of tickets. Include Whole Foods, please make sure to fill out application way ahead of time.
  • Chocolate Companies: Call and/or e-mail chocolate companies ( ideally 2 - 3 months before an event ) and request chocolate donations. Offer them a pair of tickets.
  • Bread Donations: Call local bakeries and ask them to donate fresh or used bread for out event. Organize a volunteer to pick up these bread donations.
  • Wine Sponsors: Google / research list of local wine sponsors and ask them to donate 1 - 6  cases of wine each. Offer them a pair of tickets.
  • Plate-ware / Event Materials: Google / research list of local vendors for bio-degradable plates, silverware and cups. Contact them and ask for donation and/or %20 off their prices. Offer them a pair of tickets.
  • Printing Sponsor: Contact local printing shops asking for their sponsorship for printing our posters, flyers and programs. We usually spent anywhere from $75 - $200 on printing materials. So that's an estimate to get them for the amount of printing needs have for sponsorship.
  • Darkness Materials: Call Lowe's, ask to speak to a manager. Explain to them that every year we do our Blind Awareness event and Low's sells us duct tape at cost and it's really helpful. Can you do this again or even donate? Ask them to donate or sell us 'at cost' duct tape for our event. We will need about 10 - 17 rolls duct tape and blue tape combined. We have been doing this for years so if one manage says no. Call up another Lowe's and try it on another manager. If still doesn't work, call Rosh at 720 495 7797 and he will do the magic ;)

3. Request all Logo's plus other materials they would like to have at the event to help promote their business and send those logo files to the Marketing Director. She/He will get the sponsors logo's on to the website, event pages and on the program. Organize any sponsor print outs you'll need so they are ready for printing.

Donation Wish List


  • Dark Chocolate of any kind
  • Bread
  • Wine, Beer, Spirits
  • Produce of ALL kinds
  • Staples such as rice, grains, spices, rice wraps, etc. ( Get wish list from Chef w/ Alternatives )


  • Bio-degradable cups, plates, silverware, napkins, garbage bags,
  • Kitchen Gear: Stainless Steal Mixing Bowls, Rice Cooker, Food Processor, Food Storage Containers, Ladles, Parchment Paper, Plastic Wrap, Pots 20qt+ w/ lids, sheet pans, sheet racks, strainer, tongs, towels, zip lock bags, Knives, 
  • Lobby Gear: Index Cards, Permanent Markers, Yellow Note pads, tacks, cork screw, cooler,
  • Darkness Gear: Duct Tapes, Blue Tape, Mallet, PVC piping, gift certificate to Joan's Fabric
  • Printing from Printing Company