Experience Live Music In The Pitch Dark...

One of the components of The Blind Cafe Experience is a music performance in the pitch dark. The audience is empowered to participate in an active music listening experience, in the complete and total pitch dark! You will remember what it was like to listen to music without the distraction of your visual conditioning, social etiquette and cells phones.

It dawned on me that I most likely hadn’t listened to music in the dark like this since I was a young teenager. It was so liberating to allow my mind and ears to focus on instrumentation with no visual input.
— Brian Johnson, The Marquee

Captured with infrared camera, original songs Your Eyes Are My Favorite Color' / Love & Rainy Days / One Eye-Glass Broken / Window Pain / Hurt ( Nine Inch Nails Cover ) performed live in the dark at our very first Blind Cafe in 2010! Featuring 'Rosh & The Blind Cafe Orchestra'. ( Phil Normal, Clay Hamilton, Allegra Michael, Kelsey Batson, Jon Sousa ) 

We are excited to announce the launch of our Music In The Dark & Orchestra In The Dark Performance Series, coming 2015 / 2016

Music In The Dark Performance Series

The Blind Cafe Music In The Dark Performance Series is a collaborative program between The Blind Cafe & established music acts to hold unparalleled live music performances held in complete pitch darkness.

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Orchestra In The Dark Performance Series

The Blind Cafe Orchestra In The Dark Series is a collaborative program between The Blind Cafe & establish symphonies and orchestra’s nationwide to hold unparalleled performances of both classical and modern music held in complete pitch darkness.

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About Rosh & The Blind Cafe Orchestra

Since the band's formation in 2009, Rosh & The Blind Cafe Orchestra has specialized in performing in the complete and total pitch dark at The Blind Cafe, Positive Social Change, Dinner and Concert In The Dark events. Rosh, an American songwriter, born in Boston, MA, while on tour in 2007 in Reykjavik Iceland, first stumbled upon a temporary 'cafe in the dark' where he was in complete and total darkness for several hours socializing with patrons. It was so dark, he could not even see his hand in front of his face. It was then that he dreamed up the idea of creating positive social change experiences in the dark, The Blind Cafe. This rare and unique approach to listening to music in the dark with an array of strings and various instruments has led them to perform for over 10, 000 people in the dark since 2010.

The Blind Cafe Orchestra, is an extension of his music, accompanied by small chamber orchestra musicians, of cello, violin, viola, female vocals and more. Rosh & The Blind Cafe Orchestra's live performances showcase the array of talent. The music, coming out of this group touches on a deep sense of making peace, with the impermanence of life we all must face. The weathering of our innate pull for love, sex, the transitioning self-identity as we mature, the gain and lose of friendship. His music brings to the surface, honoring these paradox’s with an uplifting sense of appreciation for the unstable element of what it is to be alive.

I actually cried during your song ‘Transcend’ which is not something I would have let myself do, if I knew that people could see me. But knowing that I was invisible, it was much easier to let my emotions flow and that felt SO healthy! It was also nice to end on a higher emotional note with everyone singing and standing together. Our table was all holding hands and swaying too! I walked out of there with such a happy full heart!”
— Katie Maginnis, Seattle

Song 'Love & Rainy Days' By 'Rosh & The Blind Cafe Orchestra'

Song 'Hurt' By Nine Inch Nails Covered by 'Rosh & The Blind Cafe Orchestra'

Meet Richie Flores, from the band Constellation Prize performing 'You Got A  Friend In The Darkness' written for The Blind Cafe. Richie is our keynote Blind Speaker in Austin TX and other cities!

A Music Video / House Concert Documentary for the song 'Window Pain' by 'Rosh & The Blind Cafe Orchestra'

Music Video for Rosh's song 'Love and Rainy Days' ( performed in the dark @ The Blind Cafe )

'Rosh & The Blind Cafe Orchestra' rehearsing song 'Hurt' by Nine Inch Nails' for up coming The Blind Cafe performance in the dark.