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What do we mean by 'Positive Social Change'?

by Rosh (Founder & Lead BC Performing Songwriting Artists, The Blind Cafe Experience) January 5, 2018

We work for positive social change by creating and embracing ground-breaking and innovative ideas that identify problems in society and then work proactively to create scalable and sustainable solutions in the dark. For instance, there are multiple levels and facets to what people experience in the dark at our events. Depending on where people are at in their development of their psychology, attendees have vastly different experiences in the dark.

While one person who might be afraid of the dark will have a powerful and positive experience facing their anxiety, staying present with it and then come out the other end of our event liberated and surprised, another person afraid of the dark, might enter for a few minutes and have to leave right away.

We are all at different levels of skill set when it comes to dealing with emotions that come up for us in our lives and in this case in the dark. Our Blind Staff are experts at supporting our guests in the dark and making sure people feel safe and consoling them to consider getting back in to the dark.

There is something power that happens at our Blind Cafe events that's beyond just a 'cool, unique experience in the dark. When we lose our sight entirely at The Blind Cafe, there is a relinquishing of control that must happen. The attendees don't have their cell phones to habitually check every few minutes, they have to trust in their fellow attendees and our blind staff to navigate through the experience.

The attendees have to learn to listen better, be more acute with their presence in the moment and dig deeper inside themselves to communicate with each other. All their little habitual habits are interrupted and there is a window there while they are in the dark to touch in on a different way of relating to their world.

This is the positive social change we are talking about. They are offered a new perspective and we have seen from hundreds of letters from our guests how it changed the way they see the world, how they relate to blind persons and people of disability and how the just experience a deep sense of gratitude.

Thus, the event can be life-changing!  

Bright Side Of The Moon ~ Austin, TX

The Blind Cafe seeks to build and strengthen the connections and relationships in the communities we visit with our touring pop-up experiences. We do this by reaching out to local business’s and farms to help sponsor and be part of The Blind Cafe experience. Sometimes, they reach out to us!

Meet, Matt from the Bright Side of The Moon in Austin TX, he called us up 6 weeks before our Austin Blind Cafe event last Feb. and told us he’s going to grow us Micro Greens and plans to donate them for us to serve in the dark at our upcoming Blind Cafe Experience.

Watch Documentary on Blind Cafe

Watch this short documentary about the Positive Social Change happening at our Blind Cafe Experiences. An amazing volunteer put this together for us! 


Meet our San Francisco Blind Cafe, Volunteers!

We had an amazing group of volunteers come from a local university to help prepare delicious food for our guests!

Meet our Lead SF Blind Cafe Chef,  Jamie Harrington

Chef Jamie Harrington, has given his heart and poured his soul into preparing amazing food for our San Francisco Blind Cafe since 2012!

Dark Chocolate + Strawberries in the Dark! Yum :)

Volunteer make the dark chocolate dessert for our guests! :)

Our Evolving Principles & Values

These are some of the principles we strive to stand behind:

  • The Blind Cafe is not a blind awareness organization, it is a people awareness organization using the concept of engaging community socially in 100% darkness, ( with dark chocolate, red wine, puppies, intimate live music concerts, spoken word / public speaking performances and the act of breaking bread together without the limiting social conditioning of our sight ) can create a window for shifting fundamentally how people 'see' & 'engage' themselves, the arts, their physical environment and patterns of relating to others thus opportunity to develop an incremental growth in their awareness to choose a different, more positive, accepting and compassionate way of relating to others. Thus, equaling...a 'positive social change.'

  • The Blind Cafe does NOT recreate or simulate what's it's like to be visually impaired or blind. We do however, create an opportunity for you to compassionately feel, learn and be inspired by the stories of our Keynote Blind Ambassadors while you are in complete darkness. 

  • The Blind Cafe Business is not about making money. It's about making dreams come true for others and ourselves while providing opportunities for people to relate to the arts, live music, food and to themselves while to others in community, without the distractions of their visual conditioning, social etiquette and without their cell phones.  

  • Organizationally, when you make a dream come true for yourself, it'll be a dream come true for someone else too. 

  • Making a sustainable and profitable company is a great way to improve the world while improving ourselves and providing meaningful, fairly paid work opportunities and jobs for both sighted and blind persons. 

  • When we make a company, we create our own sort of utopia. It's where we design our perfect world best we can. 

  • We never do anything just for the money.

  • The real point of doing anything is to be happy, so we do only what makes us and others happy.

  • Chaos, mistakes and failures...should be regarded as fantastic news. As they are most always a direct path to an equal or greater opportunity, to experience personal, professional and organizational positive growth.