Boulder Blind Cafe | March 12 - 14, 2017

Thursday, Friday & Saturday | Two shows per night | Doors 5:30PM / Seating 6PM | Doors 8:30PM / Seating 9PM | Wesley Chapel 1290 Folsom St. Boulder, CO 80302

Read this before you buy tickets to our experience. 

The Blind Cafe is NOT a blind awareness organization.

The Blind Cafe is a fiscally sponsored 'Arts & Social Change' organization, operating under the 501(c)3 of the Boulder County Arts Alliance. The Blind Cafe was started by Colorado musician Rosh in 2010, to explore using the concept of live music & community discussion in total 'darkness' as a positive social change exploration, in how people relate to one another without their visual conditioning, social etiquette & their cell phones. The Blind Cafe Experience has a 'blind awareness' component facilitated by legally blind keynote blind speakers that we are very proud to present but it's not the only focus of The Blind Cafe Experience. 


The Blind Cafe is NOT a fund-raising event. 

The Blind Cafe is a fiscally sponsored project under The Boulder under the 501(c)3 of the Boulder County Arts Alliance. Our events are designed to initiate social change while providing an awesome entertaining and educational experience touching on various social change subjects. Donations collected at our events or through our fiscal sponsor, as grants or private donors go towards continuing and expanding our reach, to bring these impactful event worldwide. 


We are NOT simulating what it is like to be blind! 

You will get an insight into blindness by hearing the stories of our awesome legally blind staff and participating in a discussion together but you are NOT going to experience what it's like to actually be a blind person, that's just not possible to be in another persons shoes like that. 

The Blind Cafe Experience is NOT just another dinner in the dark!

The Blind Cafe event you are about to sign up for is NOT, a regular dinner in the dark! If you want a regular dinner in the dark, there are some restaurants in California and New York where it is solely about the food and you sit with the table mates you come with and it's like a regular restaurant but in the dark. 

The Blind Cafe Experience is a social experience, of music, socializing and learning through community, where you will literally break bread with other attendees at 6 - 8 person tables.

In addition, there will be a group discussion between the audience ( you ) and our amazing warm heart felt legally Blind keynote speakers. As well, you are signing up for a live music listening concert, performed with the intention of helping you to remember how to feel and listen, to music without your visual conditioning and social etiquette and cell phones! 

You are signing for thought provoking, socially challenging & entertaining music experience

The Blind Cafe can be a very powerful experience and at times challenging, but that's what you signing up for right? You will be in the pitch dark for several hours without your habitual ways of checking out as you might in a lighted setting. You will literally have to relinquish control. Uncomfortable feelings may come up for you in the dark. If this happens, stay present, breath and bring attention to whatever is coming up for you emotionally and use this upset as an opportunity to learn about yourself and expand your comfort zone. Your experience will depend on your ability to be with yourself, when you don't know what to do. 

Remember whatever comes up for you in the dark, make room for it ;) 

Your Ticket Price Includes:

A Delicious Vegetarian Sensory Tasting Dinner (explore your senses!) *Vegan/Gluten-Free To Be Inclusive of Most Diets

A tall glass of wine ( and other thirst quenching beverages. )

An amazing dark chocolate dessert!

A Unique Question and Answer Discussion in the dark w/ your Blind Waitstaff and 70 other guests!

A Short Set of Live Music performed by ‘Rosh & The Blind Cafe Orchestra + The Constellation Prize

1.5 - 2 Hours in total complete pitch darkness…with your friends & community!

An Experience you will never forget or SEE!

*Additional glasses of wine and wine bottles, will be available at the event by a suggested cash donation.

How to Experience The Blind Cafe: 

A: Choose A Suggested Ticket Price ~ $75 - $195

For those who can swing it, please pay at the highest level you can afford between $75 - $195. 

All tickets prices get you the same 3-part experience (That's a dinner, a music concert & a social change workshop that will challenge you to grow beyond your social conditioning.) By paying more than the suggested average cost per person of $75, you are actually helping us to sponsor others to this event who otherwise could not come. So it’s a cool system. Thanks!

B: Request Discounted Tickets Below

"You cannot say.....I cannot afford to attend The Blind Cafe Experience"

We have a very cool pricing system. We scholarship a limited amount of discounted tickets to people who otherwise could not attend this event, so no one is ever turned away because of lack of funds. Apply for scholarship tickets below. 

Fill out form below for scholarship discounted tickets. 

C: Volunteer & Experience The Show

"You cannot say, I cannot afford to attend The Blind Cafe Experience"

Our public events are about community out-reach, creating meaningful and positive social change while enjoying music and community connection. Volunteer & you are welcome you to come experience the show!


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Due to the awesome generosity of other guests who contribute more than the suggested $75.00 ticket price, we have a limited amount of discounted tickets available. Simply write us, tell us a ticket price that works for you and we'll send you a code right away, to get your ticket(s) at that price point based on availability. Thanks for being awesome and asking for what you need in the world! <3

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