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Can't focus? Feel burnt out? how too much to do? Overwhelmed & distracted? Desperately need a break, retreat...recharge but can't take a week off because you have too many work tasks required for you to handle everyday?   

This work-cation productivity workshop & yoga health retreat is for the following types of people: 

  • solo entrepreneurs
  • free-lance designers/workers
  • small teams of 2 - 12
  • business owners
  • executives
  • remote ( home ) working employees
  • who can work from just a laptop & internet for 10 days
  • who are burnt out & need a rejuvenation but can't not work everyday
  • who feel isolated/disconnected & want to feel bonded with a team of like minded people
  • who just are NOT GETTING anything done, feeling stuck about it and need something to get back in touch with
    • life
    • the reason behind their work 
    • having fun again 

Feel like you can't actually get your work done without being at the office or by the phone at your business, office or country? 

You'll be surprised! With a few adjustments, online redirect phone number/texting tools & temporally just taking calls/meeting through your can take a 10 day work-cation, get more done than you would at the office & return home inspired, fresh, energized & 10 times more productive! 

Now you can have your retreat ( cake ) & eat it too ( stay productive )

Now you can go on retreat & get more done in 10 days than you would in one month at the office...all while doing yoga everyday, indulging in 3 healthy delicious meals a day, drinking fresh coconuts, bonding with a group of similar entrepreneurs & making life-long friends or possible business partners! 

Experience 10 days of focused 6-hrs a day of guided productive, real work hours on your business facilitated by our Retreat & Work Productivity Team while staying in an epic yoga retreat center. Your work-cation productivity workshop & yoga/health retreat includes: 

  • 6 - 7 hrs a day of focused, well planned, timed real work hours on your business on your laptop, guided by a professional productivity facilitators holding you accountable for staying on track towards your business goals via the results you've workshopped to complete or make major progress on for that day.
  • 3 healthy meals a day, smoothies, dark choc boosts & Costa Rican Expresso's & Coffee's 
  • 9 nights all inclusive stay @ the epic 3-star Bhodi Tree Yoga Resort in the remote town of Nosara Costa Rica in beautiful, clean, daily serviced accommodations. 
  • new life-long friends, community & possible business mentors/partners in small focused groups of 6 - 12 entrepreneurs like you looking to get focused, get connect to nature & get their work done for their unique business's
  • Evening 'next-day-work-outcome-planning' session so you hit the ground running & get the most out this retreat
  • additional jungle, beach & surfing adventures
  • 1 hour work for the day planning to hone in on what's most important to complete to reach your goals
  • Group discussions on:
    • life-style balance with work, play, relationships & health,
    • best tools & best practices for kicking ass while living fully
    • why working less will get more done and make you happier 
    • the power of the mastermind, co-working & co-working retreats & how they bring the magic back to your life!