How to Coordinate Volunteers For a Blind Cafe.

1. Understand Volunteer Roles Tasks, Lead Roles, Timelines )

2. Create An Awesome Volunteer Team



Add to volunteer system


Blind Café

Volunteer Coordinator

Coordinates volunteers prior to concert (day before, week before)

-Runs warm ups, name games, hands-on exercises, creates a sense of “community”

-Has volunteers understand everyone’s strengths (through ice breakers) and how

they want to contribute with the tasks at hand (food, cleaning, mopping, bar, set up,

sales, tickets, etc)

Prior to concert (Day of)

-Collect volunteers at certain time

-Goes over tasks and delegates who does what (based on ice breakers from day


-Do a cheer

-Everyone divides and conquers

Things to think about:

-Food (bring your own?)

-Organization (who does what) (who is good at what)

-Uniform/T-shirts for volunteers

-Is it the same group of volunteers each night? (Hana thinks yes)

-The group can rotate shifts (set up crew, closing crew, enjoy show, etc)


-End of concert, bring everyone in

-Reflection period: What can be done better for tomorrow?

(Closure each night? Or closure after the last concert of weekend? Hana thinks


-Closure cheer

Long term thoughts:

-Does Rosh need an assistant? Or one Volunteer Coordinator in each city?

-How to make this profitable: Go corporate?

-Corporate bondings as well as concerts for public. Corporate makes $$

-Team that travels (who is part of that team and is essential?)

-Who can you sacrifice to not travel as a team but is a local?

-Hiring the right people. Align with the mission, the goal, the community

-Is this a social enterprise? Non profit? Business?

For Hana to think about

-Can Hana leave FC and help Rosh do this?

-Is this sustainable?

-Can Hana still be a motivational speaker/comedienne while doing this? It is related

to everything she wants. Travel, impact, organizing, creating community, leadership,

training, bonding, bringing people together