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Welcome to The  Blind Cafe Experience

We create inspiring and impactful positive social change experiences held in 100% darkness, no blindfolds!

There is something about engaging in organic conversation in a room full of strangers who can’t see each that instills a sense of community along the group. At the end, a candle is lit and it feels as if your waking up from a collective dream, that you somehow shared with everyone around you.
— Hayley Besecker | 7 x 7 Magazine SF

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                                                 What is The Blind Cafe? 

The Blind Cafe is a fiscally sponsored 'positive social change' organization that uses the concept of engaging people socially in 100% darkness, via the arts & entertainment, to create innovative and imaginative social impact (pop-up) experiences held entirely in the pitch dark, no blindfolds! The Blind Cafe has no brick & mortar location, but tours & travels popping up in different cities as well as private events. 

 Next Shows:

Denver Blind Cafe Experience - Nov. 16 - 18, 2017 (Tickets

Airbnb / San Francisco Blind Cafe Experience - Nov. 30 - Dec 2, 2017 (Tickets)   

Reykjavik, Iceland Blind Cafe Experience - Jan. 25 - 27, 2018 (Tickets)   

A Seattle Valentine's Blind Cafe Experience - Feb. 8 - 10, 2018 (Tickets)  

Announce event dates soon for Portland, SF, PDX, ATX, Chicago, NYC and more


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~ Katy Perry In The Dark @ The Blind Cafe Experience! ~  

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Join us in the dark at our signature experience

The Blind Cafe Experience

An Award Winning Positive Social Change Dinner, Discussion & Music Experience In 100% Darkness!

The Blind Cafe Music In The Dark Experience is something that gives music freaks a completely new way to enjoy and appreciate live music, kind of the same way that MTVs Unplugged did back in the day… but Concerts in the Dark, makes Unplugged seem like child’s play.
— — The Marquee, Colorado's Best Live Music Magazine

What is The Blind Cafe Experience? 

The Blind Cafe Experience is an award winning positive social change dinner, discussion and music in the dark experience held entirely in 100% darkness, no blindfolds! You will literally break bread over a 3-course dinner served family-style, engage in a social impact Q&A with legally blind staff and lose yourself to an intimate live music listening experience...all in 100% pure, certified organic Blind Cafe Darkness! 

Watch This Short Intro to The Blind Cafe Video!

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Fall 17' ~ Blind Cafe Tour Dates

( Tour dates include all Blind Cafe Experience public events plus BC Performing Artists: Rosh & the Blind Cafe Orchestra, Richie Flores & Rick Hammond's performance schedule, in the light & the dark! )

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