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                                What is The Blind Cafe? 

The Blind Cafe is a fiscally sponsored positive social change organization, that uses the concept of 100% darkness to create innovative and imaginative positive social change (pop-up) experiences held entirely in the pitch dark, no blindfolds! 

The Darkness Experiences are designed to disrupt audiences habitual daily experience, pushing them in to move beyond their comfort zones, engage in a facilitated social change discussion and relearn how to listen/ 'feel' live music again. 

Since 2010, The Blind Cafe has had over 17,000 people through the dark! The Blind Cafe is NOT a 'blind awareness' organization or fundraising event for blind organization. 


     Who Attends Blind Cafe Experiences? 

We create inspiring and impactful, positive social change experiences in 100% darkness for Corporations, Colleges, High Schools, Private Groups, Non-Profit Fundraisers and for the public as community awareness for the Arts & Entertainment and Live Music Fans!


     What is your story? 

The Blind Cafe was started by American singer-songwriter and social entrepreneur Rosh in 2010 to explore how...experiencing live music and navigating the social dynamics of breaking bread with others in total darkness, could help people relate with themselves and others with more presence, self awareness and empathy. 

While creating the first Blind Cafe Experience, Rosh met Rick Hammond, a legally blind Spoken Word Artist from Portland, OR, who joined forces to initiated the 'blind awareness social change discussion' component of the experience. Read more of Our Story...


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I knew somehow in your lovely venue when our walls were down and hearts were open that he was special and the one for me. We fell in love at the Blind Cafe.
— Danielle, Seattle Blind Cafe Guest
There is something about engaging in organic conversation in a room full of strangers who can’t see each that instills a sense of community along the group. At the end, a candle is lit and it feels as if your waking up from a collective dream, that you somehow shared with everyone around you.
Hayley Besecker | 7 x 7 Magazine SF

What is The Blind Cafe Experience

Our signature event 'The Blind Cafe Experience' is an award winning positive social change dinner, blind awareness discussion and live music experience held entirely in 100% darkness. No blindfolds! The Experience is facilitated by both sighted & legally blind staff and are designed to change the way you see, feel, taste and relate to your world...without the distraction of your visual conditioning, social etiquette and cell phones. 

In the dark there are no uncomfortable glances, no self-conscious thoughts or worries about what clothes your wearing. In the dark there is no distinction whether you are black, white, tall, short, blind or sighted. You are judged for who ‘you’ are without your visual identity. 
— John, Boulder Blind Cafe 2011