Who are the Blind Cafe Performing Artists? 


Rosh & the Blind Cafe Orchestra

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The Blind Cafe Experience was originally started by Rosh, as a music and social change experience held in 100% exploring how to help open up audiences to more presence, connection and compassion through social engagement and live music experiences. Rosh, a songwriter performing on guitar and vocals, partnered with Denver Composer/Cellist Phil Norman to put together his band made up of a quartet, female singer and varying orchestral accompaniment merging Rosh's songwriting with Phil Normans unique string and orchestra arrangements, thus, Rosh & the Blind Cafe Orchestra. 

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Richie Flores

~ Performing Songwriter, BC Social Change Facilitator & Blind Youth Development Leader ~

In 2011, Rosh brought The Blind Cafe Experience to Austin, TX and was introduced to Richie Flores. Richie quickly aligned with The Blind Cafe and Rosh's vision of using the darkness, social engagement and the arts to change the way people experience themselves and others with visual conditioning, social etiquette and their cell phones. 

After Richie's first experience facilitating The Blind Cafe Experience, he went home inspired and wrote one of his signature Featured Songs In The Dark, 'The Darkness' which touches in on the often unexpected profound experience and empowerment of just letting go of control completely in the dark and trusting the blind staff leading you in the dark.  

Listen To Richie Flores & the Constellation Prize's Music

Here is a quick video of when it was just being written