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An Airbnb Boulder Blind Cafe Social Impact Dinner & Music In The Dark Experience

An award winning positive social change discussion, dinner and  music in the dark experience held in 100% darkness, no blindfolds! 

Returning to BOULDER/DENVER area Fall 2018

~ Dates to be announced soon! ~

Music In The Dark Experience curated by

Dango Rose

(of Colorado's beloved 'Elephant Revival')  

& Rosh & the Blind Cafe Orchestra

(Founder of The Blind Cafe Experience) 

+ musical guests Andrew Forbes & more TBA

Our most recent show in Boulder, CO this past March 2018!

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There is something about engaging in organic conversation in a room full of strangers who can’t see each that instills a sense of community along the group. At the end, a candle is lit and it feels as if your waking up from a collective dream, that you somehow shared with everyone around you.
— Hayley Besecker | 7 x 7 Magazine SF

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What is The Boulder Blind Cafe Experience? 

The Boulder Blind Cafe Experience is our Boulder based award winning positive social change dinner, discussion and music in the dark experience held entirely in 100% darkness, no blindfolds! You will literally break bread with other over dinner served family-style, engage in a social impact Q&A with legally blind staff and lose yourself to an intimate live music listening experience...all in 100% pure, certified organic Blind Cafe Darkness! 


Featured Blind Cafe Performing Artists:

Experience Live Music In 100% Darkness...

without the distraction of your visual conditioning, social etiquette & cell phones!


Rosh & the Blind Cafe Orchestra |  Dango Rose of Elephant Revival  | Andrew Forbes + musical guests.

The Blind Cafe Music In The Dark Experience is something that gives music freaks a completely new way to enjoy and appreciate live music, kind of the same way that MTVs Unplugged did back in the day… but Concerts in the Dark, makes Unplugged seem like child’s play.
— The Marquee, Colorado's Best Live Music Magazine

What's on the menu? 

There are three components to The Blind Cafe Experience: 

A sensory tasting dinner  in the dark!

What's on the menu? A healthy vegetarian sensory tasting dinner prepared by a local Chef as well as with dark chocolate, good friends, inspiring stories, live music and meaningful conversation all experienced 100% in the dark! We source local ingredients, as much as possible, from local farms designing the menu based on the season and the availability of donations from the community.

A social impact discussion in the dark!

In our award winning, positive social change community awareness discussion, you will participate in a group discussion/Q & A between the audience and our legally blind, amazing, heart-felt, blindness ambassadors. They will share their personal stories with you and you will have the chance to learn,  ask questions, and discuss their personal experiences of blindness. All this in the dark with the entire room all paying attention.

Dismantling Racism In The Dark Experience with Pedro Silva

Dismantling Racism in the Dark-2.png

About this pilot program.

We're excited to announce that we've received a grant to 'pilot' our Blind Cafe Dismantling Racism In The Dark Experience during the daytime hours of our E-Town Blind Cafe Experience events March 16-18, 2018. Our intention is to explore how we can use the engagement of community, socially in 100% darkness as an agent for expanding awareness of how we relate to others with the involuntary distractions of our visual conditioning, social etiquette and our cell phones. 

How to attend this pilot program.

Attendance to this pilot is on a first come first serve basis, with very limited seating. This is free to attend & open to the public. We're first offering opportunities attend this pilot to those who've purchased ticket(s) to our signature Blind Cafe Experience events happening March 16, 17 & 18 in the evenings. A second release of opportunities attend this pilot will then be offered at a later date. 

The Dismantling Racism In The Dark Pilots will be held during the daytime hours at E-Town Hall on Saturday March 17th @ 11:00AM & on Sunday March 18th @ 2:00PM. 

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Pedro Silva

Pedro Silva is a Husband, Parent, Minister, Poet, “Pro-activist”, and engaged human being. He works with communities on maximizing the power of communicating across difference with a balance of both candor and care. He has led community conversations on race in the City of Boulder, is a core volunteer organizer with the nationally recognized Living Room Conversations program, member of the Boulder County Caucus of Together Colorado, and serves as Associate Minister at First Congregational Church Boulder, UCC. The Blind Cafe will be piloting several pilot Dismantling Racism In The Dark Workshop Experience during the day on March 17 & 18, 2018, as part of The Blind Cafe Music & Social Impact Experience in the Dark weekend run. Tickets to these pilots will be offer on a first come, first serve basis to those who've purchased tickets to the main Blind Cafe Experience Dinner and Music In The Dark events happening March 16 @ 7PM, March 17 @ 4PM & 7PM and March 18 @ 4PM and 7PM.  Read more about Pedro's work! 

Who supports this pilot Program? 

Rocky Mountain Justice & Peace Center, First Congregational Church, YWCA Boulder, Boulder County Arts Alliance, E-Town, Rockdale Innovations and METAS.

A Music In The Dark Experience

Music In The Dark Experience Concert Series curated by Dango Rose of Elephant Revival & Rosh & the Blind Cafe Orchestra

colorado-musician=elephant-revival (1).png

Dango Rose 

Founder of Colorado's beloved Elephant Revival, Dango Rose will be performing in the dark with musical guests.

Bio: From Dango - Throughout the winding trails of tour life, performances large and small, the chance encounters, the audiences celebrated, and all the spaces in between -- underlies the song and the story.  In music and rhythm, lyric and rhyme, there is perception; a deep understanding and embodiment of experience that translates through story and song.  My intention is to share these experiences with you.

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Rosh & the Blind Cafe Orchestra 

Since 2010, Rosh & The Blind Cafe Orchestra has specialized in performing in the complete and total pitch dark at Blind Cafe events across the USA. Rosh, an American songwriter, born in Boston, MA, stumbled upon a temporary 'cafe in the dark' while on tour in 2007 in Reykjavik Iceland. It was so dark, he could not even see his hands in front of his face. It was then that he dreamed up the idea of creating positive social change experiences in the dark, intended to help people 'see' their world from a new perspective.

In 2010, the first Blind Cafe event was launched with the formation of The Blind Cafe Orchestra accompanying Rosh's original songwriter music. The Blind Cafe Orchestra, is an evolving group of orchestral musicians, consisting of cello, violin, viola, female vocals and more. This rare and unique approach to listening to music in the dark, with an array of orchestral strings and various instrumentation, has led them to perform for over 10,000 people in the dark since 2010.

Special Musical Guests 

Your 'Music In The Dark Curators' Dango Rose of Elephant Revival & Rosh & the Blind Cafe Orchestra will be bringing you both well-known and soon to be 'discovered in the dark' musical guests, featured performing artists, acts and more worldwide. 

Meet one of our musical guests, Andrew Forbes

Andrew Forbes

An American piper trained in Canada and raised on rock, with a career spanning two decades bringing bagpipe music to all manners of person and beast, Andrew Forbes has distinguished himself as a world-class piper with a style and sound as unique as it is powerful. Living in New York City, playing with Scottish Octopus, the Iona Scottish Session, the New York City Tartan Week Festival, and gigging and recording regularly with some of the top talent in celtic music, as well as commercial and ceremonial contracts in a variety of genres. He released three albums from 2011-2015, and is continuing to work on many more releases coming very soon. Born in Boulder, Colorado, Forbes' is returning to his hometown for this very special St. Patrick's day weekend. "Forbes is an adventurer on the pipes with a hunger for dangerous edges. He tears it up!" Elias Alexanderpiper for MAC, Seven Nations and Bywater Band.


Tickets On Sale Now!

March 16 - 18, 2018

An award winning In-depth Live Music Listening Experience, Social Change Discussion & Dinner held in 100% darkness, no blindfolds! 

| Advanced Tickets Only |

Location of this pop-up experience: E-Town Hall, Boulder CO