“Working with the Blind Cafe is an incredible experience. We left not only full from an amazing meal, but also inspired by the work that the Blind Cafe does. Thank you so much for all that you do! 
— Airbnb Executive Team

Just a couple corporations we've put through the darkness...

All of us left fired-up and inspired.
If your goal was to engender a heightened awareness and a renewed sense of compassion for everyone around us, blind and sighted alike, then you’ve overachieved. We left feeling as if we’d been given a gift, indeed we had, and agreed we’d do our best to pass it on. I hope to have The Blind Cafe work with us again in the future and will be sure to recommend it to anyone who will listen. Thank you for the phenomenal work.
— Jonathan | Boulderaldo Hotel Blind Cafe - Boulder, CO

Corporate Team Building In The Dark®

We offer a new and exciting twist on corporate team building, training, parties, dinners, launches, and all manner of corporate events. Employees and clients alike will be blown away by this innovative and life changing experience in the dark, and will leave with unforgettable memories.

Whether you’re planning a corporate event, building buzz for a product launch or looking to create an amazing bonding experience for your clients or staff, we offer one of the most inspiring and memorable team building & dinner in the dark events you can find. Challenge and inspire your people through an incredible lunch or evening of dining and working together in the complete pitch dark. No Blindfolds! 

Meet our Keynote Blind Facilitators

Lead Blind Staff, From left to right: Jerry Leary, Samantha Smith, Rick Hammond, Esha Mehta

Lead Blind Staff, From left to right: Jerry Leary, Samantha Smith, Rick Hammond, Esha Mehta

The Blind Cafe Experience ~ Corporate Team Building & Entertainment In The Dark!®


The Blind Cafe Experience is not just another dinner in the dark event. The Blind Cafe team facilitates an unforgettable bonding & magical experience that your attendees will talk about for years. We can tailor the experience for your group’s goals or themes.

The Blind Cafe Experience is an initiatory experience in many ways. Below is a summary of the experience:



Preparation For The Darkness

Entering The Darkness  

Breaking Bread In The Dark

Positive Social Change Q&A/Discussion with Blind Staff

Music In The Dark Experience

Finale’ Experience ( Lighting of the Candle )

Debrief Experience ( Circle Up or Individual Tables )



( 10 - 150 persons, smaller group  )

Corporate Team Building, Entertainment & Dinner In The Dark® program curriculum:

  • Pre-Assessment: 
  • Gathering In The Light: 
  • Journey Into The Darkness
  • The Breaking of Bread
  • Group Discussion / Question and Answer Forum
  • A Music Listening Experience
  • Back To The Light
  • Debrief: Back To The Darkness

The Blind Cafe ~ Corporate Social Change In The Dark®

The Blind Cafe ~ Corporate Team Building In The Dark®


The Blind Cafe Experience ~ Corporate Team Building, Entertainment & Dinner In The Dark®

Pre - Assessment

We will work with your lead staff to design a Blind Cafe Corporate Team Building, Entertainment & Dinner in The Dark Experience that aligns with your companies values and desired outcomes.

Gathering In The Light

First we will start off with a reception in a low lighted lobby area where the participants will prepare for their darkness experience. This is where your participants will be instructed to turn their phones off 100% and to participate in some agreements. They will have wine and dark chocolate drinks before entering the darkness at this point. This is where you can communicate any intentions of the event to your company.

Into The Darkness

Then the guests are lead into the pitch dark by our professionally trained legally blind staff. Participants will have to work together to find their seats at their tables and get situated in the dark. The facilitator will challenge the participants by bringing attention to spacial awareness and navigation skills for being in the darkness.

The Breaking of Bread

The audience will literally break bread together at large tables, the audience working together to navigate & share food & drink in the dark. The participants will be challenged as they learn new ways of communicating and socializing without their sight. 

A Positive Social Change  Discussion In The Dark

In 100% complete darkness, the audience will participate in a social change discussion, Q & A format, with our legally blind staff. A Tibetan singing bowl will be used to bring the attendees together to practice active listening as a group, encouraging them to practice being present, listen to others and also to speak out as inspired.

This is facilitated by our blind staff and is one of the most powerful aspects of our program as the participants learn how to participate in a group experience without sight. The guests hear the stories of our blind staff and the guests are encouraged to ask any questions around blindness or relating without sight. *This is flexible and we can add company discussions or speeches from any one in your company to this component of the event.

A Music Finale' Listening Experience

This is when dessert is served. The audience then is empowered to practice active music listening as a group, encouraging the audience to remember what it was like to actually listen to music without the distraction of their visual conditioning, social etiquette and cells phones.

A music performance in the dark allows the audience to move away from their thoughts and into feeling deeply in their bodies through listening to live music. The music is performed live by our professional darkness musicians Rosh & Richie Flores, usually about 2 - 3 of original material designed for the music listening and finale' sing-a-long at the end. 

Back To The Light

Finally, after 1.5 - 2.0  hours in 100% darkness, without sight...we bring the participants back to the light with a very special moment we can't reveal till we are in the darkness! ;)

Debrief: Back To The Darkness ( Optional ) 

After participants have had a chance to go to the bathroom, adjust back to vision again, if chosen we will hold a discussion where they will share their experiences, challenges and insights, in the light. We'll identify takes a ways and lessons that could be brought back to the work place and to life in general.

Overview of Logistics

  • Time:  3 - 4 hours in length / can be designed to fit your companies schedule and time frame.
  • Daytime and Evening events available, either held around a dinner or lunch time or late afternoon.
  • Number of Participants: 12 - 150 persons
  • Event Space: The event can be held at an on-site or off-site location such as a conference room or an alternative rental space, specifically chosen for it’s ability to be blackened out and accommodate the number of guests desired. We may have a designated venue space in your city or our Blind Cafe event coordinator staff can help find an appropriate venue space for the event.
  • Food / Beverage Options: If the venue chosen does not have catering we can help find a cater to suit your needs. The client is responsible for the catering costs of the event separate from The Blind Cafe fee.
  • Creating The Darkness: Our darkness team will create the darkness several hours before the participants arrive. If done on-site, we will need access to the space 4 hours before the program begins.

How to plan an event with The Blind Cafe for your company:

Our Blind Cafe event can be tailored specifically for companies needs and desires.

The sky is the limit with what we can explore in the dark so welcome your creative ideas and support you in creating one of the most memorable company events ever.

You choose the level of class with both catering and event space and we'll bring the darkness. We will work with you event planner to help choose the appropriate venue space for a Blind Cafe event.

Our The Blind Cafe Experience services include:

  • Planning and coordinating with your companies event planner to find an appropriate event space that can be made dark.
  • Preparation, set up and break down of darkness setup.
  • Providing an event coordinator the day of the event to coordinator the seating in the dark process
  • 2 - 6 professionally trained legally blind facilitators/staff to guide your companies guests into the dark and provide a powerful social change discussion in the dark along with the food service.
  • Live music of 2 - 3 signature Blind Cafe Experience songs for the music component of the event.
  • Coordination with a local caterer to deliver the dinner experience. 
  • Research & work with a venue that works for your groups location and the size of your group. 
  • On-Site/Off-Site events available. 

Our clients event planners may handle the catering and venue coordination as well. 

The Blind Cafe Experience Service Fees is divided into separate costs:

  • Venue Rental Cost ( based on market rate for venue rentals in your area ) 
  • Catering
  • Blind Cafe Experience Program Fee ( includes all event productions, staff, darkness and darkness program )

Since our Blind Cafe events are a one of a kind experience, it’s important we get some preliminary questions answered about what your company desires so we can best serve you and send you a proposal.

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