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Salt Lake City Blind Cafe | Coming 2017

Dec 1 - 2, 2016 HAS BEEN CANCELLED!

WE ARE RESCHEDULING FOR 2017 dates & will announce them soon! 

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Thursday, Friday & Saturday | Two shows per night 6PM & 8:30PM | To-Be-Announced Venue

“There is something about engaging in organic conversation in a room full of strangers who can’t see each that instills a sense of community along the group. At the end, a candle is lit and it feels as if your waking up from a collective dream, that you somehow shared with everyone around you.
— Hayley Besecker | 7 x 7 Magazine SF

What is The Blind Cafe?

The Blind Cafe is a fiscally sponsored positive social change organization, that uses the concept of darkness to create innovative and imaginative ( pop-up ) events held entirely in the pitch dark ( no blindfolds ). Our events are facilitated by professional trained 'legally blind staff'' and designed to change the way you 'see' the world. Since 2010, The Blind Cafe has had over 11,000 people through the dark and continues to innovate life-changing experiences in the dark world wide.

The Blind Café does not try to perfectly recreate blindness. Instead, it allows people to interact, trust each other, and experience community in an entirely new way. In the dark, there are no uncomfortable glances, no self-consciousness about what you’re wearing or what you weigh, no distinction between the sighted and blind.

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What happens in the dark at The Blind Cafe?

Our signature program, 'The Blind Cafe' is a pop-up event, an award winning community awareness concert, discussion & dinner in the dark, no blindfolds! This is NOT just another dinner in the dark…it’s a community experience where people connect, learn and break bread together without their visual conditioning, social etiquette and cell phones. There are three components to The Blind Cafe Experience: 

A Social Dinner Experience In The Dark

What's on the menu? Community... locally sponsored (vegan & gluten-free) friendly food, dark chocolate, good friends, inspiring stories, live music and meaningful conversation all in the dark. A passionate and dedicated Blind Cafe Chef. We hire a local professional Chef in each city to help design the menu encouraging them to connect with local farms, locals business’s and build relationships in the community. We source, as much as possible, the food we serve from local farms and business’s relying largely on donations from the community.

A Discussion In The Dark

Our award winning community awareness discussion, you will participate in a group discussion Q & A,  between the audience ( you ) and our amazing warm heart felt legally Blind keynote speakers/ servers who will share their personal stories with you and you will have the chance to ask questions, and discuss blindness in the dark with the entire room all paying


A Music Performance In The Dark

Ever wonder what it like to experience a live music performance in complete pitch darkness? Blind Cafe Music Productions brings one of the most emotionally powerful music listening experiences possible.  These unique and intimate performances bridge the gap between the artist and their audience as they're empowered to participate in an active music listening experience, in the complete and total pitch dark! Learn what it was like to experience live music without the distraction of your visual conditioning, social etiquette and cells phones.

A Fair Warning: Wait! What I am I getting myself into?

Just to be clear! The Blind Cafe event you are about to sign up for is NOT a regular dinner in the dark! If you want a  regular dinner in the dark, there are some restaurants in California and New York where it is solely about the food and you sit with the table mates you come with and it's like a regular restaurant but in the dark. The Blind Cafe Experience is social experience where you will literally break bread with other attendees at 6 - 8 person tables. In addition, there will be a group discussion between the audience ( you ) and our amazing warm heart felt legally Blind keynote speakers and a music listening live concert, performed with the intention of listening to music without your cell phones, visual conditioning and social etiquette!

Be warned, you will be in the pitch dark and uncomfortable feelings may come up for you. We find that if you stay present, breath and bring attention to letting go of control, any anxiety you have will let up and you may find this event to be a life changing experience. If you don't, you may go home upset because you couldn't control anything because, well you were completely blinded. If THIS happens, stay present, breath and bring attention to whatever is coming up for you emotionally and use this upset as an opportunity to learn about yourself and grow. 

The Blind Cafe is a very powerful experience and can be challenging but that's what you signing up for right? Outside our comfort zone equals the opportunity for growth! You can't grow without stretching your comfort zone. So be warned, The Blind Cafe is an awesome, exciting and growth initiating experience. Your experience will depend on your ability to be with yourself when you don't know what to do. Whatever comes up for you in the dark, make room for it! Welcome those feelings and you may find a release on the other side. Call me Rosh, if you have questions or want to chat about what happens in the dark. Thanks Rosh & The Blind Cafe team!  720 495 7797

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are not simulating what it is like to be blind! You will get an insight into blindness by hearing the stories of our awesome blind staff and participating in a discussion together but you are NOT going to experience what it's like to actually be a blind person, that's just not possible to be in another persons shoes.

Our Blind Awareness Partnership

The Blind Cafe partners with The VEX Project, a vocational enrichment program found in Austin, TX by Blind Cafe Keynote Blind Facilitator, Richie Flores. The VEX Project is energized to “redefine Blind,” through the positive awareness of community resources and public speaking events. Donations and contributions from our events and fiscal sponsorship donations, support the continuation of the innovative and experimental social change programs The Blind Cafe brings to the world!

Meet Our Impact Partners!

The Blind Cafe has had the most amazing support from these wonderful impact partners!