Learn More About The Blind Cafe!


Who creates 'The Blind Cafe Experience'

The Blind Cafe Experience is facilitated by both sighted and legally blind staff/performing artists and social change facilitators; Rosh, Richie Flores and Rick Hammond...along with an amazing darkness production crew. The dinner experience is prepared by a local Chef. The blind awareness social change discussion/Q&A is lead by legally blind staff along with Spoken Word Poetry by Rick Hammond. The music in the dark experience is performed by Blind Cafe Performing Artists; Rosh & the Blind Cafe Orchestra and Richie Flores.


What is The Blind Cafe story?  

The Blind Cafe was started by American singer-songwriter and social entrepreneur Rosh in 2010, after attending a cafe in the dark while on tour in Reykjavik, Iceland. Inspired by the work of Chogyum Trumpa with a passion for bringing community together through his music, Rosh sought out to explore how using the concept of social engagement in 100% darkness (via breaking break in community, participating in social change discussions and experiencing live music) could help people develop more self awareness, social compassion and presence with the preciousness of being alive. Read more...