Ticket Pricing for the Boulder Blind Cafe May 15 - 17, 2015

Our Breakeven cost per person is $85.00

Sliding Scale $35 - $195

Please pay at the highest level you can afford

We have a very cool pricing system. We scholarship a limited amount of discounted tickets (see below) to people who otherwise could not attend this event, so no one is ever turned away because of lack of funds. So please pay at the highest level you can afford between $35 – $195. By paying more than the suggested average cost per person of $85, you are actually helping us to sponsor others to this event who otherwise could not come. So it’s a cool system. Thanks!

Need a $35 - $65 price range discounted ticket? SEE BELOW

We have discounted tickets available for those who need them ;) Simply write us, tell the amount that works for you $35 - $65 and we'll send you a code right away, to get your tickets from the $35 - $65 price range. Thanks for being awesome!

Wait! What I am I getting myself into?

Just to be clear! The Blind Cafe event you are about to sign up for is NOT a regular dinner in the dark! If you want a  regular dinner in the dark, there are some restaurants in California and New York where it is solely about the food and you sit with the table mates you come with and it's like a regular restaurant.

What you ARE getting at the Blind Cafe is:

A Social Experience of breaking bread together in the dark! A dinner at 6 - 8 person tables shared with others from the community.

A group discussion between the audience ( you ) and our amazing warm heart felt legally Blind keynote speakers/ servers who will share their personal stories with you and you will have the chance to ask questions, and discuss blindness in the dark with the entire room all paying attention.

A Music Performance in the dark! A 6 - 8 songs set of live music performed with the intention of listening to music without your cell phones, visual conditioning and social etiquette! 


What you ARE NOT getting at the Blind Cafe is:

We are not simulating what it is like to be blind! You will get an insight / window into blindness by hearing the stories of our awesome blind staff and participating in a discussion together but you are NOT going to experience what it's like to actually be a blind person.

You will be in the pitch dark and uncomfortable feeling may come up for you. We find that if you stay present, breath and bring attention to letting go of control, it can be a life changing experience. If you don't, you will go home upset because you couldn't control anything because, well you were completely blinded.

The Blind Cafe is a very powerful experience and can be challenging but that's what you signing up for right? Outside our comfort zone - growth! You can't grow with our stretching your comfort zone. So be warned, The Blind Cafe is an awesome, exciting and growth initiating experience. Your experience will depend on your ability to be with yourself, when you don't know what to do. What ever comes up for you in the dark, make room for it! Welcome those feelings and you may find a release on the other side. Call me Rosh, if you have questions! Thanks Rosh & The Blind Cafe team!  720 495 7797


Want to help us grow?

As you may or may not know, ticket sales only cover a small percentage of the operating costs of our budget. This event is run on a ton of volunteer help and people who just give everything they got to make it happen, which is AMAZING! 

At this time, we don't have any major sponsors or financial backing. If you wish to become a sponsor or contribute to this awesome cause in addition to joining us for ticketed events, please consider making a donation via the button below or contact us here to make a significant tax deductible donation and learn about our plans to grow to become a financially sustainable organization.

Date, Location and Time:

  • Date: May 15 - 17, 2015
  • Location: Address of our event is: The Integral Center - 2805 Broadway St, Boulder, CO 80304
  • Time:  Friday, Saturday & Sunday Shows start at: 7PM

Your Ticket Price Includes:

  • A Delicious Vegetarian Sensory Tasting Dinner (explore your senses!) *Vegan/Gluten-Free Friendly
  • A beautiful tall glass of Wine ( and other thirst quenching beverages. )
  • An amazing dark chocolate dessert!
  • A Unique Question and Answer Discussion in the dark w/ your Blind Waitstaff and 100 other guests!
  • A Full Set of Original Music performed by ‘Rosh & The Blind Cafe Orchestra'
  • 2 Hours in total complete pitch darkness…with your friends & community!
  • A Contribution to a local Blind Organization in your area.
  • An Experience you will never forget or SEE!

*Additional glasses of wine and wine bottles, will be available at the event by a suggested cash donation.

Cell Phone Check? About the darkness: We don't use blindfolds, the room is COMPLETELY PITCH DARK! So... we will have a Cell Phone and glow in dark watch 'check' to avoid any desire to use light in the dining room and distort the dining experience. We will have someone "coat checking" cell phones and glow in dark watches. We will mark your item with your name to be placed in a bag. OR you can check your bag w/ your cell phone at registration and we keep it safe. (We have done this in the past with purses and they are safe) * If you opt to not "coat check" your cell phones but then you use them in the dining room, you will be asked to leave for the night immediately. Thanks :)



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Advanced Tickets Only

Call Brown Paper Tickets at 1 800 838 3006 or purchase online:

Need Discounted Tickets?

Due to the generosity, of other guests who contribute more than the suggested ticket price, we have a limited amount of discounted tickets available. We understand many of you at this time, can’t swing the full ticket price. So we have a limited number of discounted seats available so that no one person is turned away because of finances. If you would like a discounted seat to the blind cafe, please send an e-mail to us via the contact box and we’ll do our best to work with you and please, don’t be bashful, we want you at this event!

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Dietary Questions? Gluten-Free? Vegan?  No Problem...write us an email with any questions.