How to Market & Produce a Blind Cafe:


The Blind Cafe Mission Statement & Goals ( the Magic ;)

Event Overview ( brief overview of the entire event beginning to end )

Distribution List ( Who gets the event manual )


Event Coordinator ( Manages Chef, Volunteers, MOD, Music Director, Blind Keynote, Days of Event )

Marketing Director ( Sell out the event, Manages Marketing Volunteers )

Business Manager ( Manages Event Manager(s), Marketing Director(s), Financials, Insurance and Legalities )

Master of Darkness ( Creates & Maintains the darkness + Supports Operations of Event )

Music Director ( Manages sound setup, musicians )

Keynote Blind Speaker ( Conducts Program, Managers Blind Staff, Delivers Keynote, Trains Staff )

Chef ( Ensures AMAZING food, manages kitchen volunteers, menu, shopping list, designs menu )

Production Schedule ( Over All )

Event Equipment List

Contact Details

Emergency management procedures and Protocols – detail procedures for lost persons, medical emergencies, show stopping, evacuation and any other emergency announcements should also be included.